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Backlinking for online brand positioning

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It’s getting harder and harder to stand out in the crowded online market, as Google often updates its organic ranking algorithm. That shouldn’t come as a complete surprise; it’s Google’s goal only to show searchers the most relevant results. On the other hand, businesses and marketers must go to great lengths to get the top spot in googles search engine ranking.

How do they do it? One strategy is backlinking. BRANDefenders suggests obtaining backlinks from other websites in conjunction with other SEO tactics. This could give your website the boost you’re looking for. 

Backlinks, sometimes referred to as incoming or inbound links, are generated when one website links to another.

In the eyes of Google and other search engines, backlinks represent “votes” for a particular website. When many other websites link to the same page, search engines assume that the page’s content is high quality.

Search engines believe the website with more links deserves to appear higher in SERP (Search Engine Results Page) results. As a result, high-quality backlinking may boost your website’s search engine google rankings, increase visitors, and eventually increase income.

If you want your website to create leads and income, you need to emphasize building backlinks more than ever before. Having a robust link-building plan is critical for any business website for the following reasons:

  • SEO success is heavily dependent on the quality of backlinks.
  • Google can find your material more quickly if you use an effective backlinking technique.
  • Your website’s traffic can be increased with the aid of backlinks via referral traffic.
  • They help to improve your internet reputation and brand recognition.

You may think of backlinks as the lifeblood of your internet marketing campaigns. It can turn a new online venture into a massive success with the appropriate backlink strategy.

Given our expertise, BRANDefenders understands that backlinks are an essential ranking component for Google’s search engine algorithm, which utilizes a weighted point system known as PageRank. To rank high in search engine results, you must focus on acquiring a high-quality backlinking reputation. 

The quality of a backlink is the most crucial factor in determining its significance. Think of your website’s backlinks as a list of references. Avoid using a bad reputation as a source of information on your website. Your search engine rankings might suffer if you allow low-quality websites to connect to your site.

Quality backlinks are highly sought after. One high-quality backlink is better than a thousand low-quality ones. Authoritative sites like news organizations and academic websites are excellent sources of backlinks. A link from one of these high-domain-authority sites can boost your website’s authority.

Another factor that makes a backlink excellent is its relevance. For search engines, it’s important to know that the link is genuine. It will be suspicious if a link seems irrelevant and just inserted into a blog on an entirely different topic.

When search engines discover that your site is linked to spammy, inactive, and irrelevant websites, they will penalize you and make it challenging to return to the top. To increase your domain authority, BRANDefenders suggests that you focus on obtaining backlinks from reputable sources.

Since 2012, Google has cracked down on low authority websites, such as those with poor backlinks. Previously, publishers would pay for links to get a higher search engine rating. Now, Penguin penalizes web pages linked to these questionable domains.

Adult content websites are also included in this category. As a result, most search engines consider these pages untrustworthy and do not rank them highly. Web admins need to verify that their pages are not connected to spam and malware-infected websites, leading to manipulative link labels. Backlinks from websites that have been slapped with a penalty or banned should be avoided at all costs.

Link building is an integral part of any internet marketing plan, and SEO consultant services like BRANDefenders urge company owners to do just that. If you want your clients to find you on the internet, you need to put money into the most effective online marketing methods, including link building.

The Difference Between No-Follow and Follow

If you don’t want a link in content to be counted toward your SEO ranking, you can tag it with a “no-follow.” The algorithms of search engines are unaffected by no-follow links. Most of the vast links marked with a no-follow attribute are of little use to search engine optimization. Among them are blog comments, press announcements, and sponsored adverts.

In contrast, ordinary links without a no-follow feature are referred to as “do-follow.” Most links on the internet are do-follow, which has a direct impact on a website’s search engine rating.

Link building has a straightforward set of components. However, you must first comprehend their process. The connection is, of course, the most crucial aspect of link building. However, what kind of links are necessary for search engine optimization? The BRANDefenders team has you covered with this quick guide:

1. Backlinking to Your Site

Your backlinks are what you build in connection with another site. These are the votes from other sites that your pages have something to offer readers and should be ranked higher. 

These links go from one page to another, but both pages belong to the same website. This means that if a reader clicks, they will be diverted not away from your website but to a new page that still promotes your brand. This effectively keeps readers engaged and shows them something fresh without them leaving your brand’s domain. 

There are, however, a few things that you must take care of. Your website should have a fluid flow, with material moving from page to page, diverting visitors, and bringing them right back to the original page. Because you want your website to run smoothly and be helpful, you should plan it throughout the sitemap phase. 

In other words, the more intriguing and engaging your website becomes, the more evidence Google will have that the information there is of high quality.

If your site only features internal links, you may not demonstrate to Google that you’re committed to high-quality, informative content. After all, your website doesn’t cover everything. 

In addition to internal links within your site and backlinks directing users from elsewhere to you, you should also have links leading your site’s users elsewhere. This is one way to boost your website’s trustworthiness. It shows to Google that you’re willing to send your readers to high-quality sites with important information and, therefore, increases your credibility. 

It is common for businesses to have rivals, but yours may use spam links to target you in some situations. BRANDefenders has seen and handled many cases like these. The link will be posted on a low-quality site, such as a site that uses a different language than yours, has confusing content, or posts too many links. The more backlinks you get from low-quality websites, the more Google will perceive your website as low-quality and may potentially block or decrease your website’s rating.

If you find yourself in a situation like this, the first thing you need to know is that you may not be able to find out who did it or stop it. But it’s nothing to be alarmed about. Using Google’s Search Console, you may inform Google that these links are spam and that you have nothing to do with them. You won’t be penalized because the system will retain a record of your actions.

Find Backlinking Support from Experts

The digital marketing space can often seem overwhelming. But use this guide as a first step to understanding what you do and don’t want from your backlinking campaigns.

Of course, you can spend months and lots of money on courses to learn everything about backlinking. But even then, you may not be guaranteed success. Thankfully, you don’t need to become an SEO expert to get your online presence where you need it to be to reach your goals. Before your spend all your time and energy, contact the experts. 

The BRANDefenders team is committed to helping clients like you find great success in digital marketing. We’ll help you with all your SEO efforts, including backlinking, so you get the best results. 

Get in touch with us about creating backlinks for your website today.

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