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Around 35% of Americans have been victims of credit card fraud. The percentage is higher for older people. Every year, millions of Americans lose money because of fraudulent charges on their debit and credit cards. This costs the economy billions of dollars.

Your credit card statement can have strange charges that you can’t figure out. You will need to know more about these charges and whether there have been some fraudulent activities on your card. will help you understand the charges on your statement. It will check your statement for fraud.

Popular Credit Card Charges lists all the popular credit card charges from companies such as Amazon, Google, Apple, and Walmart. Currently, over 120,600 unique credit card charges have been indexed. If a charge on your card is from a well-known company, you can find out more about it at


With, you don’t have to know English to understand a charge. Information is provided in nine languages including Spanish, German, Italian, Chinese, and Japanese.

Newest Credit Card Charges

There is a section for the newest credit card charges. This is where you get information about the latest charges introduced by companies. You might want to confirm whether some of these charges have been levied on your card.

How Helps People Understand the Charges on Their Statements

Indicates Company Details will indicate the name of a charge. It will also indicate the name, telephone number, and website address of the company that levies the charge. The businesses undertaken by the company will be listed. You will also know the stores of the company and their products.

This information makes consumers know more about a particular charge. They will be informed about the products that are levied this charge. With contact address information, consumers can easily contact the company in the future when they have complaints.

Explains the Charge

Why did the charge appear? will provide the reason why the charge may appear on your card. The charge might have been caused by making a payment to a business using your credit card. will indicate the name of the store associated with the charge and the examples of products that may have been purchased for the charge to be levied.

• If you didn’t make the payment, someone else might have used your card to make the payment, which is an early indication of fraud.

According to, you might find it hard to recognize a charge because it wasn’t levied at the point of purchase but when the item was shipped. This is normally the case for orders that contain multiple items which ship at different times.

Indicates Remedial Action will explain the remedial action you should take in case of a fraudulent charge you notice on your statement. They will list possible options and telephone numbers you should call.

Community Feedback

Feedback from the community makes it easy to understand the different charges. Comments from other consumers posted on are valuable. You will get to know the experiences that other people had with dealing with a fraudulent charge including how they got the charge stopped and obtained a refund.

The Bottom-Line

With, you are empowered with information about the different credit card charges. You will understand the various charges on your credit card statement and how you can address fraudulent charges.

If you have incorrect information you’d like to delete from sites like reach out today.

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