The Power of Google Dentist Reviews: How They Impact Dental Practices

The Impact of Google Dentist Reviews

You might want to find a new dentist. You probably look at reviews of dentists on Google before making a choice. These days, Google reviews of dentists have become an important factor in how well dental offices do. If you’re a patient looking for reliable dental care or a dental practice trying to get new […]

The Importance of Review Solicitation in Establishing a Strong Brand Image

positive reviews

In today’s highly competitive business environment, online reviews have emerged as an essential component in forming a brand’s image and reputation. Review solicitation, which refers to the process of actively encouraging customers to leave feedback about their experiences, is an essential component in the process of building a stronger image for a brand. In this […]

The Top 7 Review Sites Every Business Should Know About

Review Solicitation

Anybody in the business world knows how critical online reviews are for engaging customer interest and generating revenue. With so many different review platforms out there, it can be hard to know which ones to target to build your online reputation. Here are the top seven review sites businesses should have a presence on and […]

How Do Indeed and Glassdoor Reviews Impact Your Business?

Indeed and Glassdoor

Today’s corporate environment is unique, wherein the employees have greater control of their destiny than ever before. Consequently, job-seeking platforms such as Indeed and Glassdoor have a constantly updated employer review center where past and present employees leave their opinions on their experiences working for employers in all sorts of industries.  Thus, Glassdoor and Indeed […]

How Positive & Negative Reviews Affect Online Reputation

Positive Negative Reviews

Managing your online reputation is critical for business success, especially when you offer a product or service that others can review.  As the internet continues to grow as a source of information, more people are leaving reviews for businesses, for better or worse.  In 2016, according to a Pew Research study, only 38% of consumers […]

What is Online Review Management, and Does it Help ORM?

Review Management

Many strategies and tactics can help with your online reputation management. Some include creating content, using SEO strategies, and generating and monitoring reviews for your company online.   What is Online Review Management? Online review management is the process of generating, analyzing, and responding to online reviews. Generating reviews allows you to create a public image […]

How These 5 Review Sites Affect Your Online Reputation

Review Sites

The online reputation of your brand is essential for its success. From Indeed to Facebook, you can find a variety of comments on websites that rank customer experiences. These public comments can affect how well your brand is received online.  BRANDefenders can help you deal with comments left on these sites that are affecting your […]

Why or Why Not to Remove Negative Reviews

Negative Reviews

Major digital brands are prone to receiving a bad review from unsatisfied customers every once in a while. Though it might be your first instinct to delete unkind content, leaving a negative review online may be in your best interest.  Whether it’s a verified review or not, there are pros and cons to deleting them. […]

What Are Ripoff Reports, And How Do They Affect You?

Ripoff Reports

How a company is perceived online has a major effect on its business. Online reviews are crucial to making or breaking a business based on building customer loyalty and support. Websites like Ripoff Reports can have this effect, but what exactly do they do that can be harmful to companies and businesses without lifting a finger? […]

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