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One of our main Brandefenders and consultants, Richart Ruddie, who has been a pioneer in the online reputation management industry, provides expert witness testimony for online defamation cases. Experienced with doing detailed write ups for cases in Ohio, California, South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida covering unbiased opinions on the costs to clean up online negative results, details on how many search results are seen by visitors online, and the time frame needed to run a campaign to clean up the online defamation given that the court order or settlement does not allow for removal of the results.

If a court order is obtained for removal of online defamation this will lower the overall costs to clean up the negative defamation at cause in the lawsuit. Often times, in an online defamation case, there will be social media channels that will also need to be reviewed to determine how many total views, likes, shares, and interactions there were with the article or video at issue. Using an expert witness who has over a decade of experience, like Ruddie, can help you both settle your client’s case sooner and get you an unbiased opinion from an expert who has dealt with these cases numerous times.

Recently a case in litigation over online defamation dealt with a Facebook Fan Page and Youtube videos that were posted online and the case had to be litigated as the original poster did not want to delete the content at first. After the lawsuit heated up the videos had been deleted but there was still a way to determine what damage occurred relating to this case.

Using a reputation management expert or one of the online reputation management services offered here at Brandefenders can be a great solution in the interim while you wait to hire an expert witness like Richart Ruddie to advise on the best practices for fixing the issues on social media or on Google, Yahoo, Bing, and Duck Duck Go. Ruddie is also able to help with online defamation cases for mobile apps concering TikTok, SnapChat, Instagram, and any other social media channel where the defamation has occurred.

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