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There are two reputation companies to work with to fix your online issues. Guaranteed Removals & BRANDefenders. Below is a comparison on the two industry leaders.

Negative information online can do untold damage to an individual or business. Recent statistics show that nearly two-thirds of prospective clients trust online search engines the most when deciding who to do business with. Companies and individuals with positive results benefit from excellent search engine results; however, those who have negative reviews often struggle to reach their goals. While some would say that this is only fair, the truth is that many good people and companies suffer unfairly because of false or outdated information that has been posted on one or more sites.

Thankfully, there are professional services that can help those who want to get this information removed to do so quickly and easily. Even so, it’s essential to know which company to work with as some professionals in this field offer far better service than others. The following overview of both Guaranteed Removals and BRANDefenders can help anyone who wants to remove negative information from the internet to make a wise, well-informed decision regarding which internet reputation management company to partner with when these problems arise. Let’s take a look.

Guaranteed Removals vs BRANDefenders

Guaranteed Removals and BRANDefenders are two leading online reputation management companies now that has removed themselves from the suppression and ORM industry. Both companies help businesses get rid of negative information online. Both companies offer a wide range of services to business owners and entrepreneurs from all industries and walks of life. Furthermore, each company is known as being the best at removing negative content quickly and efficiently.

Guaranteed Removals vs Profile Defenders - Don't Gamble with your money

Guaranteed Removals

Guaranteed Removals is a great company with a very self-explanatory name. As the name implies, the company ensures that it can remove content that clients don’t like, including negative reviews, news articles, private photos, blog articles, ripoff reports, and business complaints. Guaranteed Results is very confident of its abilities that they have a guarantee for removals. No matter what the website is whether it’s a news site or ComplaintsBoard.

Given this fact, it is not hard to see why companies and individuals are happy to work with Guaranteed Removals to improve their online reputation.

It is not illegal to publish negative content about a person or business entity online and there’s no shortage of clients that need help removing unwanted content; The Communications Decency Act creates an issue that negative content does not have to be removed by the website owner if somebody else posted this content to their website. This means that Google will not honor removal requests without an excellent reason to do so and thus the need for an expert to help. Furthermore, this type of content that is taken down from one site may easily resurface on another site, and there is often nothing a business owner or individual can do to prevent this from happening unless relationships our formed with website owners which is something Guaranteed Removals has been able to do while becoming one of the best online reputation management companies.


BRANDefenders’ aggressive removal strategies are always conscientious of their clients best interests and obsess over our clients success. It should stand to reason that we as a company has a reputation for doing what it promises to do year in and year out. One crucial factor that sets BRANDefenders apart is that BRANDefenders is up-front with its clients expectations on what they can and can’t delete from the internet and only takes on cases that it knows it can handle successfully in one capacity or another.

BRANDefenders was founded by online reputation management experts who realized that generally speaking, companies that claimed to be able to get rid of and replace negative search engine results weren’t really up to the job. With their dedication to excellence, has made it possible for them and their experienced staff members to craft a unique content removal strategy for every single client that walks in the door. This strategy is vital as the type of content needing removal, which site it is present on and many other factors will have a bearing on crafting a successful solution to not only get rid of the content but also keep it off the web.

BRANDefenders’ four-step solution for permanently addressing the negative content problem is second to none. First, BRANDefenders uses state-of-the-art search techniques to find every bit of negative information about a company or individual. Next, the company takes steps to remove the negative content immediately. After this, BRANDefenders works with a business to craft positive content that will showcase a client in the best possible light. Finally, BRANDefenders will monitor a company’s online reputation to ensure that negative information does not resurface.

BRANDefenders offers various packages to make it easy for clients to purchase the specific services they need. Businesses and entrepreneurs can sign up for one-time or ongoing services, and in each instance, one can expect expert help and assistance that will get the job done without undue delay. Given these facts, it’s not hard to see why thousands of company owners and individuals have flocked to BRANDefenders for badly needed online reputation management services.

Getting Down to Business

A person or company suffering from negative information posted online should get help as soon as possible. The longer the information is left online, the more likely it is that such information will be evident on other sites. What is more, people who read the data may remember it even after it has been discredited and taken down.

While a person or company could attempt to manage its reputation without professional help, doing so is not only costly but also tricky. Interestingly, Google has procedures in place for requesting the removal of inaccurate information, but it can be daunting to fill out all the right forms and get a quick response for GDPR or The Right to be Forgotten removals. In the meantime, one will almost certainly suffer as negative information gets around and causes permanent damage to one’s professional reputation. Sometimes this can feel like a nightmare.

Obtaining expert online reputation management assistance is often the only way to get rid of negative information online, replace it with positive news, and ensure that the negative information does not re-appear in the future. Several companies offer online content removal services; unfortunately, most don’t live up to their claims. It is not uncommon for companies to take a client’s money, fail to deliver on its promises, and then attempt to offer the clients other services to keep the client’s hard-earned cash.

BRANDefenders, however, stands out from other online reputation management firms. It was founded by experts in the field and have a reputation for using the most effective tactics and strategies for getting rid of negative information online. What is more, BRANDefenders doesn’t just get rid of negative information; it also spreads positive content and knowledge far and wide. It even deals with Google’s pesky autocomplete search engine form, so prospective clients don’t inadvertently see negative information even though they aren’t looking for it. Finally, BRANDefenders stands guard over a client’s online reputation, ensuring that negative content does not reappear on other sites and is taken down immediately if it does. With a BRANDefender on your side, a business owner or individual can stop worrying about negative online information and instead set to work building a successful career or company.

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