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When it comes to promoting your business and getting the audience, you need to earn a profit. The Internet is an indispensable resource that you must take advantage of. There are many different ways to spread the word about your enterprise online, and one of the most effective methods is using an eCommerce marketing strategy. 

eCommerce marketing involves many different aspects of online promotion, including but not limited to content creation, SEO strategies, and social media marketing. By employing these different approaches, you can reach wider audiences than you would through traditional advertising schemes and get the attention you need to grow your business.

Of course, with the many diverse aspects of this promotion strategy, there is some confusion around what eCommerce marketing entails. Luckily, we’re here to help clarify the situation. We’ll explain what this marketing strategy is, what it’s not, and how BRANDefenders can help you achieve the results you need.

eCommerce Marketing Defined

eCommerce marketing is a web-based promotion strategy that uses various online platforms and approaches to drive awareness about brands, products, and services. By combining tactics such as content creation, search engine optimization, email campaigns, social media marketing, and outreach programs, eCommerce marketers can reach broader audiences and get their clients higher volumes of web traffic to increase their revenue eventually. 

eCommerce Marketing vs. Advertising

It’s easy to get confused between eCommerce marketing and eCommerce advertising, as they sound very similar. While eCommerce advertising is a part of the field of eCommerce marketing, this deals specifically with traditional online ads, such as banner ads and display ads, that you would pay to have hosted on another site. eCommerce marketing goes beyond this to promote your business in more organic ways. 

Ways to Engage in eCommerce Marketing

As we’ve mentioned above, eCommerce marketing isn’t just one single function. It’s a complex and diverse approach to business promotion that utilizes many different strategies to achieve the desired results. Read on below to better understand these strategies and how they work to drive awareness about your enterprise. 

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization, also known as SEO, is an online marketing practice used to organically drive traffic to your business’s web page. It also drives engagement with your product or service from potential customers who are more likely to use it. 

SEO works by strategically structuring your website’s content to include specific keywords that potential customers would search. If it is done right, your website will show up at the top of the search engine results page before any of your competitors. More people will click through to buy your products or services with a higher ranking. 

Original Content

Publishing unique content on the web that promotes your product or business in a way that doesn’t feel like advertising is a great way to spread the word about your brand. 

Consider hiring writers to write blog posts about how the services or products you offer in general can help consumers. Include links to your product pages within the text. This will drive engagement with your specific products from readers who have already been convinced of the utility of what your brand has to offer without feeling like they were reading an ad. 

Social Media Marketing

and increase your client base quickly. Social media marketing is another effective way for businesses to spread the word about their offerings online. Social media is more prolific nowadays than ever before, and the trend certainly doesn’t seem to be dying down. With billions of active users across platforms, there’s no better way to drive awareness about your enterprise.

Create an account for your business, actively post and engage with followers, and pay for sponsored posts from influencers with large followings. These strategies help you reach vast audiences of potential customers 

Guest Post Outreach

Guest posts are widely used as a vehicle for brand promotion online, and this form of content creation is known to get results. Essentially, you can hire a writer to write a short blog post hosted on an existing blog or website that receives a significant amount of traffic. 

The post can be about anything tangentially related to your services, and a link to your page will be included. This comes across as more organic than traditional advertising and can easily earn readers’ trust. 

Video Content

Another platform you should take advantage of is a video-sharing hub like YouTube. They get tons of traffic and are perfect for your business. Producing short, professional-looking video content and posting it online lends legitimacy to your brand. This can help you reach audiences who are more likely to take you seriously. 

Email Campaigns

Consider implementing an automated email campaign to keep your previous customers coming back for more. You can collect your clients’ email addresses at the point of purchase and send out notices in the future for upcoming deals, promotions, and products. You can even use this technique to remind your customers to return and finish their purchase if they’ve walked away from your site with a full shopping cart. 

How to Run a Successful eCommerce Marketing Campaign

Of course, it’s not enough to write a few guest posts and employ a handful of SEO tactics in your online content. There are plenty of additional tactics you’ll need to use to ensure that your efforts are fruitful. Here are some essential tips to help you take your eCommerce marketing campaign to the next level. 

Encourage Users to Market Your Product for You

User-generated content, or UGC, is making waves in the marketing community for its efficiency and simplicity. It works by encouraging real people to promote your product online as a fun game. 

A common strategy is to create a custom filter for a social media platform like Instagram or Snapchat that users will find inherently enjoyable, thus playing around with it and sharing the results with their friends. 

Invest in Web Design Assistance

If your business’s website or app doesn’t function smoothly, potential customers will get frustrated and give up on their purchases. That’s why it’s critical to hire qualified individuals who can ensure that your visitors have an easy and enjoyable experience.

Be Available to Your Client Base

If customers have questions or need assistance with their purchases, you’ll need some way to give them access to a live person for correspondence. An email address they can contact is a good start, but if you have the staff available to offer a real-time live chat feature, this investment will surely pay off in the long run. 

Create an Incentive for Users to Leave Positive Reviews

Nowadays, when consumers want to know if they can trust a business, the first place they’ll look is at user reviews. If there are many positive reviews for your brand, this will help bring in more clients. 

You can encourage your customers to leave reviews by sending a follow-up email after purchase or offering some form of reward for leaving a rating.

Personalize Your Outreach

Making sure your marketing outreach is catered to specific individuals can go a long way towards converting prospects to clients. You can do this by including their name in a follow-up email or suggesting products that they’re likely to show interest in based on their history. 

Stop Customers from Abandoning Their Carts

Often, clients are about to check out online but then decide against it due to a lack of trust in a new business and abandon products in a virtual shopping cart. You can do a few things to make your clients feel more secure and more likely to follow through with a purchase. These include accessible customer support, fair return policies, and guaranteed refunds for certain circumstances.

How an Agency Can Help

As eCommerce marketing is such a complex and diverse field, it can seem overwhelming to take on this task all on your own, in addition to running a business. Luckily, expert agencies like BRANDefenders are available to assist business owners in need. Here are a few ways a talented team like the BRANDefenders can help you with your online promotion campaign. 

Expert eCommerce Marketing Services

If the tactics listed above sound like the right move for your business, don’t try to handle it all by yourself! Contact BRANDefenders for assistance with a comprehensive eCommerce marketing strategy.

Search Engine Optimization Strategies from the Pros

SEO can be tricky for the uninitiated to master. Luckily, the experts at BRANDefenders have been doing it for years, and they know just what it takes to get your website to the top of the results page.

Reputation Management for Your Brand

The reputation management team at Brandefenders is always available to help dispel any negative press that might be out there regarding your business. 

Spread the Word About Your Business Today!

Now that you understand eCommerce marketing and the results it brings, nothing is holding you back from moving forward with this effective promotional strategy. And the Brandefenders team is available to help you get started. 

Get in touch with us about eCommerce marketing for your brand and start getting your business the attention it deserves today!

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