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We live in the era of social media. Almost everyone nowadays has a social media account, and most of the population is active on multiple social media sites such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. 

Social media is a great way to stay in touch with loved ones and let them know what’s going on in your life; brands, and businesses can also benefit from this medium!

Believe it or not, brands spend hundreds of thousands of dollars optimizing their social media accounts to get more engagement. This actually pays off in multiple ways. By creating an interactive social media community based on your brand, you get your valued customers’ feedback, you get to know how they think and what they want, you present a better online picture and presence of your brand, and you build trust with your customers. 

Moreover, when people engage with your content, their followers or friends see your brand on their timelines, basically free and effective marketing! All these things collectively influence your sales and cause them to sky rock. 

This article is all about how you can get more engagement on your brand’s social media! What’s the first step in social media optimization? What type of content attracts engagement? And how can I make my brand posts more shareable? We have all the answers right here!
Before we dig in on social media engagement and how to increase it, you have to understand why social media is important for your brand’s online presence, not just for its online presence but for building a healthy community with your valued customers as well. 

You might think creating a website for your brand is enough for its online presence, but there is much more to it. More often than not, social media accounts direct traffic to your brand’s website.
Social media optimization is a wide term. It generally means making your brand’s social media accounts more attractive and engaging. By making your brand’s social media attractive, you will be able to get users’ attention. There are a lot of ways to optimize your brand’s social media. Social media optimization will help you create a healthy and interactive brand community. In addition to that, it will help you get more user engagement. By receiving engagements, you can judge how your customers think and what they want so you can cater to their needs. 

Moreover, by optimizing your brand’s social media, you’re presenting a better picture, which will help attract more potential customers. Most importantly, you can utilize social media optimization to grow your sales in multiple ways.
Social media is a powerful tool, and by using it to your advantage, you can increase your sales manifolds. Optimizing your brand’s social media accounts makes them more presentable, which plays a huge role in marketing. 

Moreover, when you create an interactive community, your brand becomes visible to your customers’ followers or friends. This attracts their attention toward your brand, and you get potential customers, increasing sales. 

In addition, when you quickly answer your customers’ queries or respond to their engagements, you gain their loyalty. These satisfied customers will never stop using your brand and mention it to others!
Social media engagement is a wide term, and it can have a different meaning according to the social media platform you’re considering. Social media engagement generally means how your followers, which are customers in brands’ case, interact with your content and your account. It also includes how much they are directly messaging you. 

In the context of Twitter, engagement will mean how many favorites, retweets, and comments your tweet is getting. It will also mean how many times your tweet has been bookmarked, your account was mentioned, and how many direct messages you’re getting. In the case of brands, these direct messages are usually questions regarding services and products or feedback.
There are many ways to increase engagement on your brand’s social media accounts. Here are some ways that might help.

#1. Understand Your Social Media Platform And How It Works 

Understanding the social media platform you’re using is key to increasing engagement on your brand’s accounts. Social media sites have complex algorithms that determine how much your account is visible to others and the volume of engagements you’ll get. 

Although highly complicated, once you understand these algorithms, you’ll be able to attract a huge audience to your brand’s account and increase engagement manifolds!

Another important thing is to keep an eye on impressions and engagements. Most social media platforms have dashboards that summarize your account’s impressions and engagements, along with the type of engagement. You can also use social media management tools that give you a better and more in-depth analysis of your account’s engagements. 

#2. Post Engageable Content

Try to post as much engaging content as you possibly can. If one of your posts ends up getting more engagement than others, see what’s different in that post that caught the eye of users. Try to copy this in future posts. 

Brands use different techniques to design and post content that gets many engagements. Your post could be a meme, a giveaway, an interesting fact related to your products or services, or a challenge. Such kinds of posts have attracted a huge number of engagements. 

#3. Post More Photos And Videos

Photos and videos, especially short ads or clips, have received more engagement than written posts. Even if you have written content you want to post, try adding a photo or a short video. 

In addition to that, the time at which you post content matters a lot. Post content at peak times when most users are online so your post pops up at the start of their timeline. This will greatly increase the chances of receiving engagements on that post. 

Hashtags can also make your post appear in related trends. Try to find hashtags that are trending and mention them in your post. Third-party tools and websites can also help you find trending hashtags and words. 

#4. Keep Your Brand Account Active

Most importantly, keep your brand account as active as possible. You won’t be able to attract traffic and user engagement if your brand account is inactive. Make an effort to post content as much as you can. If not more, try to do at least one post per day. Try to post stories as well so your followers see what’s new. 

You can also conduct competitions or giveaways on your account to keep engaging traffic. The majority of big brands uses these techniques so they stay relevant and trendy. 

You can also choose to collaborate with other brands, content creators, or popular social media personalities, this will make your brand visible to their audience as well. 

#5. Respond Quickly To Engagements

You do not want to keep your valued customers waiting so respond to their engagements as soon as possible. If you receive a reply under one of your brand posts, try to reply as quickly as possible and politely. 

Moreover, remember to respond appropriately to DMs as well. Customers, in most cases, send a DM to brand accounts when they have queries about the products or the available services. Respond to these queries as fast as possible and in a comprehensive way. 

#6. Hire Professional Social Media Management Companies

Lastly, you can hire professional social media management companies to handle your brand’s social media accounts, engagements, and marketing. There are many reputable companies out there that you can choose from. 

These companies have experts that analyze account traffic, judge social media trends, study target audiences, and research social media platform algorithms to optimize your brand’s social media account in the best way possible. These companies post selected content on your brand’s account after careful research so they attract as much engagement as possible.
Social media presence is extremely important for any brand. By getting good engagement on its social media account, a brand can build a healthy, interactive community of customers and cater to their needs and attract new, potential customers. 

In this article, we have summed up multiple techniques which you can use to increase engagement on your brand’s social media accounts. Try incorporating these techniques to see how they influence engagements. 

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