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Managing your online reputation

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Having an online presence is more important than ever. With the continued growth of online communities and social media, managing your reputation online is critical to helping your brand succeed. 

Knowing where your brand stands and its online presence can be an overwhelming and daunting task. However, it is possible to manage, maintain, and grow your company’s online presence with the right tools. 

Whether you monitor and work on your reputation management on your own or hire a reputation management company like BRANDefenders, knowing what others are saying about your brand and improving your brand’s search results is well worth the time, money, and effort. 

Is monitoring your online reputation doable by yourself? Or should you hire experts to help you? Here’s why hiring an online reputation management company is better than taking on this task yourself. 

Managing Your Company’s Reputation On Your Own

Many reputation management services are available to help you and your brand maintain a positive image online. Hiring one of these services gives you the best shot at adequately managing your company’s reputation. However, it is doable to monitor on your own. 

You can do a few things to start on this online reputation management journey and control what is said about you and your brand online. 

First, it’s essential to gather as much information as possible. Doing a quick google search about your company and reading through the search results will help you understand your company’s online presence – whether it’s positive or negative. 

Other ways to gather information include looking at review sites, what the reviews say, and checking all of your social media accounts for your brand. 

Once you have finished your quick search, you will have gathered a lot of information about how your customers and others perceive your brand. 

For instance, let’s say a customer leaves a negative review about your product or service. Reading that review will allow you to collect information and improve the customer’s pain point. 

Additionally, you may find that you have positive interactions on Twitter, but your company’s LinkedIn profile lacks engagement. Observing these trends will help you understand what works and what you want to mimic across other social media channels. 

Gathering information through a Google search is free and helps you know what you can do to improve your online reputation. 

After gathering information, you may want to see what you can do to drive more traffic to your website. A positive and strong online reputation will help new and returning customers find your services better and increase your website traffic.

Aside from these first two reputation management tips, once you create a solid online reputation management campaign and find what works, it will help you find quality employees and investors. 

When looking for a job, a potential team member quickly searches to learn more about the company, its culture, and its major benefits. If you have a negative online reputation, then it’s likely that the most skilled employees will look elsewhere. 

This is where online reputation management comes into play—ensuring that you have a strong presence on LinkedIn and great Indeed reviews will help you find people eager to apply for a job at your company. 

Alongside attracting new, skilled employees, is the added benefit of attracting investors to your company. A robust online presence will bring quality investors eager to help you grow your business. 

Another thing to consider when monitoring your online reputation is looking at your competitors and seeing what they are doing. 

Google can be an excellent tool for your business research but also for researching your competition. Noticing that your competitors have a solid social media presence, and you do not will drive customers to their website and not yours. 

Social media marketing is critical in today’s digital world. Most people get essential information from social media, so paying attention to these channels is critical. 

Managing your social media accounts can be a tough job, but hiring an online reputation management service specializing in social media can ease the burden and give you time to focus on other ways to grow your brand. 

All these things can help you manage your online reputation on your own, but it is an exuberating and challenging task that takes a lot of time. 

That’s why hiring an online reputation management company like BRANDefenders allows you to focus your time and efforts on other parts of your business. 

Benefits Of Hiring An Online Reputation Management Company like BRANDefenders

Online reputation management companies have experts ready and willing to help you and your company improve or maintain your company’s online reputation. 

You can try and work on your reputation online on your own; however, hiring SEO and reputation management experts has many more benefits. 

Online reputation management builds credibility and trust with your customers. A strong online presence allows potential customers to see that you care, are engaged, and are aware of them, even before they buy from you. 

Focusing on defending your brand and creating positive online search results reinforces your brand. To be a trustworthy company, you must have a clear brand message. Online reputation management can help to promote this message and reinforce your brand. 

Also, reputation management helps you to improve search result rankings. There are so many tips and tricks to learn regarding SEO, and it can take hours to learn to understand how it works. 

Hiring a reputation team with proven experience will help improve your search result rankings without the headache of learning SEO on your own. 

Another benefit of hiring a reputation management company is that reputation management is often more affordable than advertising. 

Creating an online banner ad or even physical billboard costs a lot of money, and often people drown that out when searching on a website or driving on the freeway. 

Instead, having high-quality articles or great reviews ranking on a google search page is the best advertising your company can get, not to mention it stays on google much longer than a banner ad runs on a website.

All of these things are benefits of hiring an online reputation management company. However, the most significant benefit of hiring a service like BRANDefenders is that it allows you to cultivate a brand image that you want to be portrayed on the internet. 

Our experts are eager and ready to help promote your brand message and defend it the best way we can. Positive reviews, press releases, and editorials are promoted, and negative news is suppressed to give you peace of mind as a business owner and the ability to focus on other parts of your business. 

Overall, whether you work on your reputation on your own or hire a service, monitoring your online reputation is one of the most important things you can do to boost your business. 

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