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Online reputation management is the process of managing what is said about you or your brand on the internet. Many focus on creating a positive impression online for their customers and other consumers to see. 

Another important aspect of online reputation management is monitoring the internet, social media, and other online communications for negative messages about your brand. 

Addressing negative messages online is an essential aspect of online reputation management, and it is imperative to develop strategies and tactics to combat negative online press. 

Online reputation management has become vital for businesses of all sizes; whether you are a small family business or a large corporation, consider incorporating reputation management into your marketing strategy. 

The Role of Reputation Management in Digital Marketing

A quick Google search has become the standard for all consumers looking for products or information about a business. Although searching for a business can bring the information the consumer is looking for, it can also display any negative aspects or false information about your business.  

Negative and false information can dissuade customers from purchasing products or services from your company. This is where online reputation management comes into play and is a crucial part of any digital marketing strategy. 

Online reputation management has many moving parts and can burden team resources when there is so much other work to market for your business. 

Reputation management strategists and SEO experts at BRANDefenders can help ease the burden. With our many years of experience in the industry, we can customize a digital marketing strategy to help with your online reputation, whether you need crisis management or insulation for your brand. 

Our experts are ready and willing to help with whatever reputation management needs you have; plus, we work with you to find what fits your budget and brand to ensure we are an asset to your team, not an inconvenience. 

Benefits of Including Online Reputation Management in Your Strategy

Online reputation management is a critical part of a strong marketing strategy. It can help to insolate your brand with positive reviews and content to strengthen your credibility. 

Alongside insulation and brand management, online reputation is vital to help combat negative rankings for your business’s search results. 

Building credibility and trust with your customers can be difficult when negative reviews or news is floating around about your brand. The most trust in a company comes from customer feedback. 

One of the most significant benefits of online reputation management is monitoring these reviews and working on strategies to gather and publish positive reviews. This small aspect of reputation management will significantly benefit your brand and improve your online reputation

Alongside credibility, reputation management helps to create transparency for your brand. Many consumers are more loyal to brands that are transparent in various aspects of their business. 

This may include owning up to past mistakes, responding to customer feedback, improving processes, and doing much more to share with customers about your business and brand run. 

Online Impact of Sales 

Reviews are an essential part of the business. Reviews influence the buyer’s decision, and having more negative reviews or simply no reviews at all can be detrimental to your brand. 

Unfortunately, we live in a digital world where cancel culture is prevalent. Many people have a cynical view, and the harsh reality is that consumers are more likely to share negative interactions with a product or business online than positive ones. 

It’s essential to monitor what customers say in your reviews because it dramatically impacts the number of sales you make. 

An excellent online reputation management strategy helps you develop a trustworthy online presence, which will lead to customers purchasing products and feeling confident in your brand. 

One of the greatest things you can do to combat negative reviews is set up an alert system through Google or other software programs to be alerted when a new negative review is published. 

By having an alert system, you will be able to have a quick response time. Now, keep in mind when responding to reviews to be grateful for the feedback and let the customer know how you will implement that feedback or change your systems to provide a better experience. 

Being transparent allows the customer to feel seen and heard, and when you are transparent, you may even win back that customer who left a negative review. 

Customers are more likely to purchase from your brand again when complaints are resolved quickly. It’s one easy and crucial first step to improving and monitoring your online reputation. 

How Online Reputation Management Can Help Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Although online reputation management can be challenging to take on by yourself, it is a crucial aspect of any successful digital marketing strategy. 

When focusing on monitoring online reputation is a priority, it will help your digital marketing strategy, but when neglected or forgotten, it will only harm your strategy. 

Having a clean search engine ranking should be the goal for every business. Sometimes false information makes its way up the SERP, or other times, it is harmful content that is not about your brand but appears to be. 

For instance, if you have a more generic business name, there may be a lot of information on Google about other things with the same name as your business, but that doesn’t involve your brand. 

Having a solid online reputation management strategy in place can help you maintain positive aspects of the SERP, combat the negative, and eliminate anything irrelevant to your brand and business. 

Using various tactics like creating higher social media interaction, monitoring and responding to reviews, generating positive content, and creating a Google My Business profile will help your business to be recognized by internet users. 

Gaining more traffic to your website, your social media profiles, and Google My Business will help Google recognize that people care about your brand, and it will help to improve your SERP. 

Creating natural web traffic will organically boost the first page of Google search results and, in time, will improve your online reputation. Hiring experts from BRANDefneders can help to jumpstart this process and monitor the SERP so that you don’t have to worry about it. 

As mentioned above, monitoring your online reputation and working it into your digital marketing strategy will directly benefit your profit and bottom line. Aside from its effect on customers, it will also influence future employers. 

Job seekers do the same research as consumers do when buying a product. They want to know everything about the company they may work for before accepting a job or even an interview. 

If your search results are negative and don’t highlight the positive aspects of your brand, whether the damaging information is accurate or not, it may cost you great talent that will find a job elsewhere. 

Overall, online reputation management heavily impacts the success of your business, and it is essential to pay attention to what is being said about you and your business online. 

Whether you hire a reputation management company or try to focus on online reputation management on your own, it is critical to a successful digital marketing strategy. 

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