Popular Review Sites To Boost Your Brand

Review Site to boost your brand

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In this article we list some of the most popular review sites to boost your brand.If you’ve happened to glance over any recent reputation management case studies, news reports, or statistics, you’ll know how critical customer reviews are for your local SEO efforts and your company’s capacity to make organizational changes that benefit customers. 

Increasing your website’s search exposure to attract new clients might be a challenging task. But obtaining internet reviews has several advantages. 

Consumers in the United States have a plethora of options because of the country’s 31 million small companies. This entails figuring out how to differentiate yourself from the competition for businesses. Additionally, internet reviews and ratings might assist a company in ranking better on Google. 

Which begs the million-dollar question: which review websites should you be watching?

Lucky for you, though, we’ve got the answers right here. 

But before we dive into these review websites, let’s talk about why you should even consider keeping a lookout for them in the first place.

Why Do Review Sites Matter?

Decisions On Purchases

Reviews directly impact purchase decisions. Before purchasing anything, over 95% of people read internet reviews. However, reviews are important to more than just the typical shopper. 

Over 41% of organizations consult review websites before acquiring software, indicating that reviews are important for B2B work. Buyers may make better decisions with the help of reviews.

Better Ranking

To begin with, reviews aid in the ranking of your business in search engines. The more consumers trust you, the more Google trusts you, and you’ll attract even more customers as a result. 

According to research, reviews account for about 15% of a website’s ranking component. This can make a big impact on small firms. 

Not only will you rank better in the search results, but if you have positive reviews and add star ratings to your website, Google will display them on the results page. 

Customer Confidence

Customers want to know that they can trust your brand, so who better to turn to than satisfied customers? 

The more (good) reviews and testimonials you have, the more probable that potential clients will trust and invest in your services. 

Customers don’t read reviews from more than a month ago in 73% of cases. This indicates that we should seek out reviews whenever possible and motivate consumers.

Brand Recognition

Through consumer reviews, you can drive traffic to your website, increase brand awareness and boost brand reputation. Consumers read reviews to help them identify local companies, notably new restaurants, motels, and apparel stores, according to 87% of customers. 

Furthermore, just one company review on a high-profile site may increase your traffic by 20%, while 10+ reviews can increase traffic by 127%.

Review Sites To Keep An Eye On

1. Google

No one can obtain as many eyeballs on your listings like Google, where sheer volume is concerned. With hundreds of millions of people searching for companies in the United States each month, you want to be on the top page if someone is seeking your service.

Because Google is the king of website traffic, owning your Google reviews is critical. You’ll be surprised to know that Google receives about 3.5 billion searches every day, making it the undisputed king of referral traffic.

Google has also made it simple for customers to locate and rate businesses, making your Google listing the most important asset you can have online.

Because Google focuses on making the user experience simple and enjoyable, getting reviews on Google is easier than other review websites. 

If you haven’t already done so, go to Google My Business and claim your business listing.

2. Facebook

Facebook has a daily active user base of almost 2 billion people. Setting up a company Facebook profile for each of your retail locations will help you stay top of mind with current customers while attracting new ones via reviews and suggestions.

After you’ve finished setting up your page, go to the settings tab and permit consumers to submit reviews. 

Customers may communicate why they suggest your business in this way, not just with your page’s followers but also with their friends. 71% of consumers are more inclined to purchase after receiving a reference from social media

Allow consumers to become brand ambassadors and word-of-mouth marketers by engaging with them on social media. 


Yelp has over 170 million reviews on its listings, making it the most well-known name in internet reviews. 

With Facebook and Google increasing their review capabilities, Yelp has lost some market share over the years, but it’s still worth keeping an eye on.

Although a Yelp business listing is required, the site has intricacies that business owners should be aware of if they want to monitor their company’s success. 

While tracking your success, you’ll want to make sure you’re aware of some of Yelp’s challenges. Claim your business, update your information, and reply to your reviews to get started. 

Customers may utilize the platform to ask inquiries, schedule appointments, and seek quotations from your company in addition to posting reviews. 

Yelp nevertheless offers review badges for your website, widgets to incorporate your best recommendations on social media, and free “Find Us On Yelp” stickers to put in your businesses, although the recommendation software is supposed to be voluntary and not rewarded. 

Visitors who see your business on Yelp are more likely to become customers. For additional information, see our complete Yelp Review Guide.

4. Trip Advisor 

Traveling has been put on pause for the time being, but that does not imply that retail shopping has been placed on hold. 

With 490 million unique monthly visits, TripAdvisor is still a popular review site for retail shoppers. Customers may use this directory to identify companies and other local attractions to review and visit.

While the site is free, businesses who want to step up their game may pay for packages that include click-to-call options, sponsored placements, ad-free listings, and data tracking for company listings.

Customers who give reviews are asked to grade their experience on a scale of horrible to great, provide details about their visit, share the date of their visit, and attach a photo to the company’s profile.

Also, keep in mind that each of these visits and reviews is associated with a distinct location; if you have numerous locations, the ratings at each are important! 

Many of the optional questions are about tourists and travelers. Customers compensated for posting reviews will have their reviews removed from Tripadvisor. 

On the other hand, TripAdvisor still encourages companies to react to customer evaluations and even provides a paid service for sending review requests to recent customers through email.

5. Consumer Reports

Consumer Reports has been around since 1936, when it was created as Consumers Union. It is an “independent, nonprofit member organization that works side by side with consumers for truth, openness, and justice in the marketplace.” 

This group buys, tests, and investigates a wide range of items ranging from appliances, housing, electronics, vehicles, food, and health products and is fully funded by its members who pay to access their database. 

They collect and present in-depth reviews (from both research specialists and customers) on product safety, value, dependability, owner satisfaction, and other topics. 

They provide buyers guides to assist customers in knowing what to look for while purchasing in various sectors and categories, providing reviews, and establishing user scores for items.

Consumer Reports now assesses stores and gives affiliate connections for people to purchase items from merchants, which is why being affiliated with Consumer Reports is a fantastic option for your company. 

You cannot purchase advertisements, placements, reviews, or ratings of items on the website. However, if you fulfill Consumer Reports’ requirements for openness and ethical business operations, you may be eligible to become a commercial service partner. 

Consumer Reports members may move from evaluating to purchasing a product through your website, and you’ll be supporting a nonprofit’s purpose of justice and sustainability.

6. Angi

Angi reviews are used by more than 6 million families around the country to select the finest local service providers. The grades are assigned on a scale of A to F. 

The website’s administrators monitor the quality of these evaluations to ensure that the platform only gives reliable, honest information backed up by real-life instances.

Users pay a monthly fee to access the platform’s exclusive online product reviews in the home sector. 

While access is restricted due to payment, one of the best aspects of this group is the thoughtfulness with which evaluations are written. 

Compared to free product review websites, reviewers’ personal information is displayed, preventing fraudulent messages. 

Vendors may also create an account on Angi to keep track of reviews as they come in and communicate with reviewers.

7. Trustpilot

Another platform is Trustpilot, a rapidly expanding user-generated online review community. Although it began in Denmark, it has extended to 65 countries, including the United States.

Like those of the other platforms on this list, Trustpilot’s mission is to help customers buy with confidence and make better, more educated purchasing decisions. 

Trustpilot strives to promote trust and transparency via shared experiences because they feel that sharing is caring.

Trustpilot is a platform where you may advertise your internet company and communicate with individuals willing to give their thoughts. It’s a term that a lot of tech businesses utilize.

With email campaigns, you can quickly promote platform evaluations and include a link to the site. Furthermore, Trustpilot is advantageous in terms of SEO. Because of the enhanced visibility, Trustpilot will give your product a second placement in search results, potentially increasing traffic.

8. Review.io

Reviews.io collects honest comments for your business utilizing an invite-only option, making it ideal for eCommerce, marketing, and other online enterprises. Customers may only post evaluations if a business asks them to do so via an email invitation.

Customers might be asked to offer feedback on individual services, goods, or the company as a whole. Companies have a lot more influence over who leaves feedback due to this. 

All feedback acquired by Review.io is optimized for search results as a verified Google review partner, which can help your SEO game even more. 

Furthermore, the platform features a well-designed user interface that makes it simple to access and utilize.

9. Quora

Quora is another prominent user-generated website with a large user base focusing on product evaluations. 

A questions-and-answers forum, Quora operates as an online information marketplace. Quora may appear commonplace at first sight, yet it’s a one-of-a-kind platform.

The number of people that visit Quora is always increasing. As a result, it’s a good idea to use it as a platform for disseminating your product reviews under the appropriate queries and threads.

While membership is free, you must verify that your work fulfills the quality criteria and follows Quora’s principles before publishing reviews. 

Well-written product reviews can be uploaded whenever they’re appropriate, and they won’t remove you from the platform if you don’t appear spammy and don’t overdo the links.

10. Better Business Bureau

The BBB is a nonprofit consumer advocacy organization focused on trust with an online review site. They assess all sorts of businesses against a set of criteria, offering statistics and allowing client feedback to speak for itself.

The BBB is another premium review platform that costs businesses to join and, while it is not required, it is advised that you follow the BBB’s code of conduct. 

If you choose to register your business with the Better Business Bureau, you will be able to display a logo on your website that tells clients how reliable you are.

11. Capterra

Capterra is another useful venue for software product reviews. Over 325,000 product reviews and ratings are available on this product review portal, comprising over 500 product categories.

It has 3 million monthly users and an Ahrefs domain strength of 86DR, making it crucial for you to sign up and start building your web presence right away.

Capterra membership provides you with access to a large community with whom you may connect and refer traffic to your website and improve your online visibility in search engines. 

This allows you to reach and attract relevant clients to your website while researching the software you provide.

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