Rebranding Your Business: How to Not Fail at It

How to rebrand your business

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Rebranding can be a huge project, and more often than not, people who try to do this by themselves often fail. The main reason is that they underestimate everything that needs to be addressed. Here’s what to consider for a successful rebrand.

There is a powerful force behind rebranding when it is done correctly. Whether your company is recovering from a marketing disaster or it just needs a facelift, how you choose to rebrand yourself will determine your success.  

There are multiple key components that must be looked at before you decide to rebrand your business. Below we walk you through the process and help you establish the correct path needed to make your company stronger than ever. 

One of the biggest decisions you need to make before going any further is whether or not you need to do a complete rebrand or just change your marketing strategy. If you are in the midst or near the end of a fiasco, then rebranding is a no-brainer

However, if you just want to boost your brand with some new logo or marketing theme, then you need to make sure that your business can survive the changes.

Many customers are loyal to a brand name, and when that changes, you’re bound to lose some clients unless you wow them with something better than what they have already seen.  

If you’re unsure whether or not to rebrand your business, consider consulting with a company like BRANDefenders, a leading expert in rebranding. 

Successful rebranding

Believe it or not, Apple wasn’t always the powerhouse that you know it to be today. In fact, at one point in time, it was almost ready to face bankruptcy. Yep, seriously! 

But with the right rebranding strategy and marketing plan, anything is possible! The most important thing about a rebrand is to make sure that your new concept inspires people and draws attention in all the right places. 

Take a look at J. Crew; they were struggling to stay alive during a time when other retailers were booming. What changed? They brought in a new CEO, Millard Dexler, who came with a business strategy that boosted the companies revenues by over 100% within five years. 

But that’s not the only success story; you also have McDonald’s that was taking a beating for making people fat, and Burberry was considered to be over-extended and outdated in the fashion industry. 

However, with some creative rebranding, all three of these brands bounced back stronger than ever! They all shared one thing in common; they decided to offer the public something of quality for value. For J. Crew, it was the affordable basic line that not only looked luxurious but made people desire their new concept of less is better. 

McDonald’s cleverly tapped into the imagery of colors, made some packaging changes and offered some healthier options. It was a win for Ronald, and today they are more popular than ever!     

On the other hand, Burberry decided to go with the media strategy of using high-profile celebrities to wear their new and improved designs. Let’s face it; celebrities sell products better than any other marketing tool. 

But for those of us who can’t afford to spend millions on George Clooney driving a car or Brad Pitt wearing our perfume, we need to rely heavily on our marketing plans that reveal real opportunities to improve our brand’s awareness. 

Do I Need to Rebrand?

This is a tricky question because the answer can be very different for many companies. However, one thing remains the same – are you losing customers? If your popularity has plummeted or you’ve seen a consistent decline in sales, then you probably need to consider a rebrand. 

Keeping your client base interested in your products or business is the primary goal of a successful marketing plan. You have to be able to gain people’s trust and then keep them intrigued by what you are offering.

You don’t need to offer fancy products or services; you just need to have a strong vision for how you can market your brand to your targeted audience without looking overzealous.  

Ask For Help When Needed

Rebranding can be a huge project, and more often than not, people who try to do this by themselves often fail. The main reason is that they underestimate everything that needs to be addressed. 

For example, below are some of the areas that every rebrand needs to consider:

A lot of the restructuring needs to happen behind the scenes instead of just looking at the exterior part of your business. You can change your name and logo, but if you don’t dive deep into the above three areas, then you are missing the primary strategy behind a rebrand. 

If you don’t know how to approach your rebranding so that it will be successful, then reach out to a company like BRANDefenders, which are experts that offer online reputation management solutions. 


Nobody ever said that doing a rebrand would be easy; in fact, it can be pretty complicated. It’s essential to understand your reason for why you need or want to rebrand and then pair with a company like BRANDefenders, which wants you to be successful!  Contact BRANDefenders BRANDefenders provides the services you need to successfully rebrand your business. The best decision you can make for your brand is just a click away.

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