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When you’re about to start a new business, a million things are running through your mind. This is your dream. You carved it out of a piece of yourself. You may have spent sleepless nights and money you don’t really have on this project. 

When you’ve poured so many resources into something from so many different angles, the thought of it not working terrifies you. And if you’re like most people, your greatest efforts have gone into creating the best possible product. But don’t forget about marketing. More specifically, our discussion today shows how your company will be perceived in the public eye. 

Learn more about your reputation and why getting professional help may be the best course.

Your Company’s Reputation

If your brand has any level of recognition (which you want), it also has a reputation. What comes to your audience’s mind when they think of your brand and products? Do they think of a company with a mission and morals, just another store, or, in the worst scenario, negative stories, and reviews?

This is where the importance of reputation management comes in. Reputation management isn’t just a solution for when things go wrong for your image. It’s a way of sculpting your image from the beginning and creating a narrative for your audience to hear and be reminded of when they engage with your brand. 

Agencies like BRANDefenders are perfectly suited to creating this narrative and helping your company’s image stay spotless.  

These Signs Reveal It’s Time to Hire a Reputation Management Company

You might have a resistance to this because it seems to be associated with having a damaged reputation. But this is far from the only reason. In fact, the best time to contact us is before something bad happens. It’s much easier to prevent a disaster than to try to clean it up after the fact.  

If you’re having any of these problems, it’s time to call in a online reputation management company,

1. You Aren’t Having Luck Gaining a Following

Nice enough isn’t good enough. You need a hook. A lack of a bad reputation is good, but you need something that makes you stand out. BRANDefenders will help you carve out exactly what you need. 

Experts like the team at BRANDefenders will challenge you to come up with an answer to the following questions: 

  • What makes your company stand out?
  • What makes its services or products unique?
  • What can a customer find with you that they cannot find anywhere else?

These answers are what will sell. There’s a time and place for thinking you’re special, and it’s now. 

2. You Don’t Have a Network

Building a platform from scratch is possible. We’ve seen many people do it. But we will not lie to you; it isn’t easy. And in many ways, the things that should make it easier actually make it more difficult. Word of mouth doesn’t have the same strength it once did. What is the most searched gets the most attention, which leaves the others lagging behind.

You need to know the right people to reach out to across industries. You also need to wow them by knowing the intricacies of effective sales techniques, such as cold pitches. A reputation that precedes you will help. 

3. You’re New to the Business World 

It’s a whimsical and beautiful time when your business is in the ideation stage. When it comes to life, that’s when everything hits you all at once. The art of business is one you must master, or your business will suffer. 

No one ever made it without someone taking even a moment to show them the ropes. We know the ins and outs of integral parts of marketing, such as SEO optimization. This will help your pages show up quicker in search results. The person who looks past the first results page is rare. This creates brutal competition for a spot on that front page. 

4. You Want to Attract Better Customers

It’s easy to get pigeonholed in the business world. 

Consider how a restaurant can get the “seedy dive bar” reputation, and then the restaurant has to deal with that sort of clientele and the unpleasant events that come with it. This will make it so their customers are limited, as other potential ones will avoid it because they don’t want to get into an unsafe situation. Where you can be advertised or presented becomes limited, which might not be what you want, and likely isn’t if you’re here. 

The best way to fix this is by cleaning up your image or crafting the exact image you want. For example, if you wish your company had a more family-friendly image, we can help you tailor it this way.

5. You Want More Profits 

Your business is absolutely a labor of love. Your heart is in it, which isn’t diminished by the desire to make money. Of course, you want this to be a fruitful endeavor. It should be. You’ve put a lot of investments into it in terms of money, time, and emotional energy. 

Making more money means your business is thriving, which means you and your loved ones are thriving. While your mind might be on sales and managing your products, monetary gain begins with your relationship with your clients. There is a strong connection between a person liking the owner of a business and being willing to spend more on their products. 

6. You Want to Be Prepared

Even if you don’t have negative reviews, you can still benefit from the services of an online reputation management company. The biggest mistake a rising company can make is to become complacent. Do not get into the mindset that you can never lose your most faithful customers or that the public view will never turn against you. It’s always possible. Many companies and public figures could attest to that.

However, no matter how carefully you manage your business, there will be bumps in the road. You’re going to have customers who leave disgruntled. 

Think about public figures who have had blemishes on their image and the difference between the ones who have apologized effectively and recovered from them and those who did not. It was all about the way they handled this bump in the road. In fact, they can come out of the situation even more beloved than before. BRANDefenders know exactly how to turn setbacks in your favor. 

Negative reviews are unavoidable but must be mitigated the second they happen. People can become hesitant to even look at your website if they see a slew of them. People try to avoid negative experiences by listening to the people who have had them and any advice they have about how to prevent them. On the other hand, they’ll encourage others to have positive experiences. Now is the time to pick the path you want to pave. 

Choosing the Right Reputation Management Company

Reputation management begins from the first time you put out content. This time of anonymity comes with some blessings. Now, you get to fine tune your content before it cements itself in history and in the memory of the masses.

You can find many different reputation management companies, but the team at BRANDefenders have a vested interest in your success. The top agencies have expertise in every marketing avenue and will be completely honest with you. 

Reputation management experts can do better than salvage something that has already been hurt. They can help you predict the outcomes of decisions and content output before it even happens. They can gear your media output to where it catches the eye of the customers you want. 

The team can look further back than you can imagine at your business’s timeline with a discerning eye. You will be given honest advice about what posts, pictures, and other media should be reconsidered or at least edited. 

Your official website and social media pages are more than just advertising. They are your business’ lifeline. They are your outreach to your customers. As nervous as the review section might make you, it provides an opportunity for growth, connection, and self-improvement. Any worthy online reputation management company should help you find the route to success. 

Become the Business World’s Darling

There is no more valuable gain a company can make than the respect of the people. Whether or not your company and its members are seen as likable and relatable will make or break it. You’ve worked too hard for this to go to waste. 

That’s why it needs to be your top priority amongst your business operations and expenses. 

Starting a company can feel like being adrift in the middle of the ocean by yourself. Let BRANDefenders be your lifeline. We will give your brand the makeover it deserves to wear all of your best qualities for all of the world to see. 

Customers, new and old, will have nothing but good things to say about you. 

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