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Marketing is the bread and butter of any business. It drives sales, generates revenue, and plays a pivotal role in growth. Moreover, it is a continuously evolving field. Starting from print media marketing to television and radio marketing, we are now moving towards marketing in virtual reality!

Interestingly, brands have now realized that digital marketing is the most effective marketing strategy in the 21st century. This is because everything, from our homes to our workplaces, to our sources of entertainment, has gone digital. And it is only sensible to spend your money right by marketing on digital platforms. 

Through effective and well-thought digital marketing, you can not only build your brand’s reputation but greatly boost sales as well. However, you have to understand that digital marketing is a wide term, and there are a lot of different marketing techniques used in it, each based on the platform in consideration.  

In this article, we have summed up the top 5 best digital marketing techniques to help you effectively increase your sales and grow your brand. These marketing strategies are especially best for new brands as they can give them a good initial boost!

What Is Digital Marketing?

Before we begin, the first thing you have to understand is what exactly digital marketing is. In simple words, marketing across diverse digital platforms is called digital marketing. In digital marketing, we use digital technologies and the internet to promote a brand, product, or service. 

Since the whole world has not gone digital, having a digital marketing strategy to market your brand is essential for any growing brand. The competition is ever-rising, and the market is getting tougher every day, so your brand needs a properly thought-out digital marketing strategy to stay in the race. There are different strategies in digital marketing, and below we have discussed the most effective of them. 

What Can Digital Marketing Do For My Brand?

Digital marketing can do miracles for your brand. If done right, it can potentially sky rocket your sales and drive in traffic you’ve never got before. The reason for this is that customers utilize digital platforms, such as email, websites, search engines, and social media, on a daily basis. 

Moreover, multiple studies have shown that modern consumers spend at least 5 hours daily on digital technologies such as laptops, desktops, and mobile phones. So by targeting these technologies and platforms to advertise and present your brand, you are marketing in the best, most effective way. 

New brands trying to make their place in the market and fight the competition should consider digital marketing to advertise their products and sales. Digital marketing effectively drives traffic and sales, resulting in increased revenue and growth. 

Top 5 Best Techniques

There are a lot of different strategies and techniques utilized in digital marketing. These techniques are built considering a specific digital marketing platform, its characteristics, consumer usage, and other factors. To build the best strategy on a digital platform, you must first understand it. Here are the top 5 best digital marketing techniques of 2023. 

#1. Email Marketing

Email is the most broadly utilized means of communication in the digital universe. Almost everyone nowadays has, if not one, multiple emails. Most of our professional conversation takes place through this platform, which is the basic requirement whenever you have to create an account anywhere across the internet. Since consumers use email on a daily basis, it is an ideal platform for brand marketing. 

The primary goal of marketing through email is to create awareness, leave a lasting impression, generate leads, and cause sales. Email marketing is done by running well-thought-out, targeted campaigns with a mission to attract potential customers. 

Like in other forms of marketing, your content also matters a lot in email marketing. The emails you send to your target consumers need to be properly designed, informative, and interesting so they compel the receiver to check out your brand, its products, and its services. If you’re doing a campaign targeting your regular customers, design emails that promote your brand image and build trust.

You can utilize email marketing to advertise new services or new products to existing customers. Due to its high return on investment, for every $1 spent by brands, email marketing generates $44 by leading sales. 

#2. Social Media Marketing

Social media is the most popular, and commonly used digital platform on the internet. Almost everyone uses social media these days. Brands have realized the potential of social media and spend millions of dollars on social media marketing and running social media marketing campaigns. 

The key goal of social media marketing is to build a brand’s reputation, spark conversations about your brand, promote mentions and engagements, and reach out to new potential customers. All these things collectively generate revenue through increased sales and help the brand grow. 

Your content matters a lot. You must have brand accounts on all popular social media sites, and they must be active. Secondly, make sure that you post good, hooking content frequently. Engagements are important so ensure to reply to comments, reviews, and DMs as quickly as possible. 

You can also choose to buy social media ads which, due to these platforms’ smart algorithms, target only relevant users. These ads enormously boost sales, but the condition is that your ads need to be well-thought-out.

#3. Paid Advertisement

Paid digital advertisement is another highly effective digital marketing technique. You can choose to display your ads on different platforms, such as different kinds of sites, and pay, per view, or per click.

What matters the most in paid digital marketing is, first, your ad, and, second, the platform you choose. Your ad needs to be informative, and compelling so it encourages potential buyers to click on it. You will get direct traffic this way. 

Another important factor to consider when doing paid digital marketing is the platform you choose for displaying your brand’s ad. 

#4. Video Marketing 

Video is a very useful medium when it comes to brand marketing. The best thing about video is that you can encompass much information in just a 20 to 30-second clip. Moreover, it is an effective way to build a brand’s reputation and gain consumer trust. 

Frequently posting videos on the brand’s social media accounts or embedding them on the official site are effective ways to use video in your marketing strategy. Video marketing attracts engagement. Potential customers are highly likely to engage with or comment on a brand video if they find it interesting. Moreover, videos are very easy to share. This helps in increasing the reach of your brand. 

Like all other marketing techniques, your content matters a lot in video marketing as well. Your videos need to be informative, compelling, and interesting so they hook users. This will cause traffic on your website and result in a major increase in sales. 

#5. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Last but not least, we have probably the most effective digital marketing technique, Search Engine Optimization or SEO. With SEO, you aren’t actively spending money on advertisement, instead, you are optimizing your brand content in such a way that it is ranked among the top results on search engine pages.

SEO involves the smart use of keywords and search phrases, which are used by consumers when they search for a specific product on service. If your content has just the right number of keywords and search phrases, it will automatically be picked up by search engines’ algorithms. SEO or content optimization aims to appear on the starting page. 

Unsurprisingly, big e-commerce platforms and brands such as Amazon earn millions of dollars in sales simply through Search Engine Optimization. This is why they spend a ton of money and hire professionals to optimize their content.


Digital marketing is one of the most active marketing methods which can help you build your brand’s image, increase engagement, gain potential customers, improve sales, and ultimately grow your brand. 

Different kinds of techniques are utilized in digital marketing based on different platforms. We have summed up the top 5 most effective digital marketing techniques in this article. These techniques can help you tremendously improve your sales and grow your brand. Incorporate these techniques into your marketing plan to see desirable results. 

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