What Is Online Reputation Management, And Is It Affordable?

reputation management and is it affordable

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Reputation can make or break a company or individual brand. Most companies spend hundreds to thousands of dollars to build a positive reputation around their brand. 

Unexpected things happen, or mistakes are made in a company that damage the company’s reputation in a matter of minutes, which took years to build. 

Although issues do come up for most companies, reputation management and brand defending aren’t just there for crisis cleanup. It can be for individuals and companies looking to defend their brand before disaster strikes. 

Taking these preventative measures through reputation management may be the difference between your company recovering from a disaster or not. 

Whether you are facing a crisis or not, with the growth of the internet, online reputation is more critical than ever. This article will cover what reputation management and brand defending are, who should use them, and if it’s affordable. 

What is Reputation Management?

Reputation management is the process of monitoring how others perceive your brand, company, or personal reputation. It also involves taking action when necessary to defend and maintain the reputation you have built. 

When you think of a large company like Apple, the first thing that comes to mind may be electronics and technology, but when you look past the tech and into the company, what do you think of? 

Apple has spent years creating a perceived reputation for its products and company, helping them reach the success they have today. Apple is best known for protecting its user’s privacy; this is something that they make well known to consumers. 

Privacy protection is a value of the company that helped them to build their reputation, and it may be a reason someone buys an Apple product versus another electronic. 

Reputation management is essential not only for small companies and large corporations, but many business professionals and individuals need services to help defend their brand and reputation.

Personal Reputation Management 

It is common for business professionals to need help managing their reputations. Some of the most common personalized services for these professionals include doctors, dentists, lawyers, cosmetic surgeons, small business owners, celebrities, and other business professionals. 

Many of these types of professionals use services at BRANDefenders; whether it’s helping them remove something online or helping to brand themselves, whatever these individuals need to help their reputation and reach their goals, we want to help. 

Brand Reputation Services 

Like these business professionals, many companies can benefit from reputation management and brand defending. No matter how big or small your company or organization, we offer services to help with all of your reputation needs. 

As part of our commitment to helping clients with their reputation needs, we want to fit your budget, not the other way around. Listed below are a handful of the services we offer at BRANDefenders to help clients with reputation management. 

Suppressing and Burying Negative Results 

Many brands have to deal with negative search results at some point or another. Some companies face significant crises due to circumstances out of their control which may generate a lot of negative press. 

Usually, large corporations have a public relations team to help with crisis management, but when a smaller company gets its first negative result, it can be devastating. 

We work hard to help small or large companies and individuals suppress negative search results, giving business owners peace of mind so they can focus on more important things like growing their business. 

We can do a few things to help suppress these negative results and defend your brand. We use many different tactics to bury negative results, and in some cases, we can de-index certain links from the SERP. 

This is one of the most common services we offer, but what if your company isn’t showing negative search results? We can still help with other reputation management to upkeep the positive reputation you have worked hard to maintain. 

Reputation Monitoring and Maintenance

So your brand isn’t showing any negative results, why do you need a company to help with your reputation? Most companies face setbacks at one point or another, so why not combat what might happen by staying ahead of the issues. 

We offer reputation monitoring and maintenance so that business owners stay ahead of the game without worrying about what is said about them online, whether it’s good or bad. 

Review Management 

Reviews are challenging for all companies. Most consumers are more likely to voice their opinions if they had a negative experience or something terrible happened to them than if they had a positive experience with a company. Not many people are taking the time to publish positive reviews unless the company goes above and beyond. 

We find ways to post positive and honest reviews. Review management will help business owners to combat negative reviews and learn how to fight against future bad comments because, let’s be honest, you can’t satisfy everyone. 

Bad reviews are bound to happen, but we offer review management, so you don’t have to focus on hurtful and damaging comments but instead focus on more important things. 

Is Reputation Management Affordable?

Reputation management is worth the price; as mentioned above, at BRANDefenders, we work with your budget, not the other way around. We believe that business owners and professionals should be in control of their brand; we just want to help along the way. 

You can’t put a price on what your image costs. Defending your brand is an investment to help your company’s or individual brand thrive in our online world full of cancel culture and constant criticism. 

We work with clients on a case-by-case basis to help them see the results they are looking for. The price for specific services differs based on your budget and what you want to have done to help maintain a positive reputation or fix a negative one. 

Building and maintaining a positive reputation is affordable because we work with you to decide what services work best for you and fit your budget. 

Is My Brand Worth Defending?

It’s hard to put a price on your reputation. Reputation is key to building a successful brand and building a company that will last. Here at BRANDefenders, we have a team with decades of experience in the reputation management field.

You can try and defend your brand yourself, but our experts in SEO and Google Search will save you hours and hours of frustration and headaches. Through experience, we know what does and doesn’t work online.

We work with many different brands and individuals on a daily basis to help them see the results that they want within their budget so they don’t break the bank and can use the time and money they will save on more important things.

Why spend years building your business to see it falter due to some negative reviews or bad press. We want to help you prevent issues from arising in the first place, but if issues do come up, we’ll be there to help your brand defend the reputation it deserves.

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