What Is Video Marketing? Top Reasons Why You Should Consider Video Marketing For Your Brand

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Marketing is a continuously evolving field. Starting from printed advertisements and television commercials, we are now moving towards marketing in virtual reality! Brands are now getting aware of the power of different forms of media and spend millions of dollars on advertising their products and services through them. 

Interestingly, compared to written content, posters, and photos, research has proved that video is the most effective medium for brand marketing. This is why most brands out there are now spending more on video marketing than printed ads or traditional billboards!

The biggest pro of video marketing is that it helps you present your brand image comprehensively which appeals to today’s short attention span. Moreover, you have unlimited options when it comes to video. You can use these options to advertise and present your brand in the best thinkable way and increase sales!

Today, we will tell you what exactly video marketing is and why you should consider it for presenting your brand! So without further wait, let’s dig in! 

Let’s begin with understanding what exactly video marketing is. In the simplest words, video marketing means using the medium of video to present your brand, its products, or services, attracting engagement, and growing sales. 

Right now, video is the most effective way of marketing available, and with time, more and more brands are incorporating this medium in their advertisement plans. You can practically sum up everything about your brand, its specific product or service in a 15 to 30 seconds clip. 

Moreover, with the advancements in technology and the availability of tools online, you can create a video even with zero budget. Mobile phone cameras are not able to take 4k videos, and editing tools are available for free on the Internet. However, you can create something even better if you have a good budget!

Here are some major reasons why you should consider adopting video marketing to present and advertise your brand: 

#1. Videos Are Highly Comprehensive

One of the primary reasons you need to adopt video marketing is that videos are highly comprehensive. You can present your brand’s whole image and the range of products or services it offers in a 30 to 60-second video. With the ever-decreasing attention span of humans, this is a big plus. 

You can also make detailed videos and showcase a specific product or a specific service your brand features in an interesting way which will keep potential customers hooked! 

#2. Videos Appeal To Even The Laziest Customer

Another big reason to adopt video marketing is that it requires zero effort from the receiver. Written content needs to be read, whereas all your audience will need to comprehend video advertisement is quite literal. Even the laziest customers will see your brand video, which might appeal to them, resulting in sales! This is how video marketing works!

In addition, you can use different things in the video, such as animations, cinematics, and aesthetics, to keep your target audience hooked until the end. 

#3. Videos Give Great Return On Investment

A big advantage of video marketing is that it gives a great return on your investment. According to major brands, they earn much more through increased sales than what they spend on video production. Moreover, you don’t have to invest too much money in your video. As discussed earlier, your phone is powerful enough to record 4k videos, and many edited tools are available online for free! 

Keep in mind that the video content matters more than quality. Poor-quality videos are fine if their content is interesting enough to hook potential customers. 

#4. Videos Are Easy To Share 

A big reason to start using videos to advertise and present your brand is that videos are very easy to share. Social media sites allow sharing videos with just a single click! This way, if the content of your video is interesting or helpful, your customers will share it with their friends and followers.

We experience this a lot on a daily basis as well. Ever come across a funny video advertisement or a very informative one while scrolling and decided to share it with someone? You’re basically advertising the brand in the video! 

#5. Videos Boost Conversion Rates

Multiple pieces of research have shown that videos greatly boost conversion rates and compel people to buy the product or the service mentioned in them. The main reason behind this is that videos succeed in gaining the trust of potential customers. 

The audience believes what it sees, and if it sees your brand in a positive context through an effective video, it will be compelled to buy it. 

#6. Videos Attract Engagement

Most importantly, videos attract engagement. Customers are more likely to engage and interact with videos than written content or photos. Big brands usually post a lot of videos on their marketing channels, and the main reason behind this is that videos compel customers to engage. 

For example, if you discuss an informative topic in the context of your brand in a video, customers are likely to ask questions in the comment. Similarly, if you create a funny clip with your brand or any of its products, customers are much more likely to engage with it and share it further. 

#7. Best Way To Build Trust With Customers 

Videos, without a doubt, are the best way to build trust with customers. Effective marketing is not just about directing traffic and increasing sales, but it is about building trust and confidence so that people choose your brand wholeheartedly. This will give you long-term, loyal clients who won’t stop utilizing your brand. 

Moreover, you can also use other people’s influence to build customers’ trust in your brand. Social media personalities, sportsmen, athletes, singers, actors, and celebrities can effectively increase customers’ trust in your brand as people follow them almost blindly!  

#8. Best Way To Build Brand Image Or Demonstrate A Product Or Service

Lastly, videos are the best way to build your brand’s reputation. Most big brands use videos to maintain their reputation through changing circumstances. Moreover, you can also use videos to hop on to trends and stay relevant. 

Additionally, videos are great for demonstrating products and services. Especially if you have just launched something new, like a new product or service, you can use a video to make your audience better aware of it. This will develop customers’ interest in your new release and give it a good initial boost in sales.

Different kinds of videos are used in video marketing. Demo videos demonstrate a product in action or how a service will work. Brand videos present brand ideas, build brand reputation and create public awareness about the brand. Explanatory videos explain concepts related to the brand, products, or services. 

Expert opinion, question-and-answer sessions, client testimonials, and customer-generated content are different types of video marketing. Animations, cinematics, and aesthetics can also make the video more interesting and engaging.

Take your brand, highlight its pros, create a script, choose your equipment, and direct a video. All the tools you need are available on your phone, and all you need is a little creativity and a plan. 

Although many reputable marketing companies offer video marketing if you find the whole process difficult. You can choose any of them. These marketing firms will direct engaging videos for your brand. Not only that, but they will also monitor engagements, impressions, and conversion rates.

Video marketing is the best way to present your brand, its products, or services to influence customers and improve sales. Videos are comprehensive and can cover everything there is about a specific product or a specific service. 

In addition, customers are highly likely to interact with videos compared to written content or photos. Unlike other mediums, videos require no effort to consume, which is why they appeal to the laziest customer as well. Moreover, videos are highly shareable.

This article summarizes the top 8 reasons why you should consider video marketing for your brand. Moreover, we have also discussed different types of videos and how you can start video marketing your brand, either by yourself or by hiring a marketing firm. 

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