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Monitor my online reputation

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Facebook was released over 15 years ago and was the beginning of more online presence for individuals and companies. 

Since Facebook was released, other social media channels like Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, TikTok, and many more have followed suit. Social media is only one of many channels for positive and negative news to spread throughout the internet. 

The popularity of standard search engines like Google and online ratings and reviews only adds to the ever-growing influence of the internet. 

Let’s say you met someone new at a networking event and wanted to learn more about their personal life after exchanging some small talk about business and employment. 

Most people would instantly search that person’s name on Google, LinkedIn, Instagram, or another social media site. We’ve all done this before, and if you’ve done it to someone else, they have most likely searched you too.

Awareness of what you are posting on social media and what others say about you on the internet is becoming increasingly important. 

This can influence your career, reputation, and so much more. That’s why monitoring and strengthening your online presence is more important than ever. 

The Importance of Online Reputation Management

Reputation management isn’t just for brands or large corporations with a sticky situation to clean up. 

Defending your brand is essential to monitor before disaster strikes. Taking preliminary efforts to strengthen your positive online presence enables you to have peace of mind and combat any negativity that may come. 

When it comes to harmful content circulating the internet, it’s not a matter of if but when it will hit. It only takes one vocal, aggravated customer or some untamed rumor about your business to potentially harm your reputation. 

Businesses are learning to understand the importance of managing what is said about themselves and their company online and across social media channels. 

Not every business executive sees brand defending as a vital service. Yes, it does take time and money when done right, but achieving those goals on your own can be frustrating and stressful.

Business executives should make this a priority in today’s digital world. Luckily hiring a marketing firm that focuses on brand reputation is simple and affordable. 

At BRANDefenders, we offer consultations to review your brand’s online presence, find what fits your budget, and allow you to be hands-on with your campaign as you would like. 

Our team has decades of experience with brand reputation and can help you have peace of mind, easing the burden so you can focus on more important things with your business. 

The Power of Your Online Reputation

Monitoring and following up with your online reputation creates trust with those stakeholders, clients, and customers involved in your business. If you gain the trust of those who follow along your business journey, others will likely follow. 

How many times have you seen a product or a company and gone to social media or google to see where you could access it. When people come to your site or look at the search results for your company and notice something negative or alarming, you’ve lost that customer’s business. 

The same goes for when they visit your social media pages and notice that you don’t stay up to date with trends or that your company doesn’t even have a social media presence at all. 

Most trusted companies already have an established following of a clientele through word of mouth. However, that won’t last long as the internet continues infiltrating our world. 

Focusing on your online presence and online reputation not only leads to trust in your company or brand but also leads to profitability. 

Trust is critical, but profit sustains a business. Without continual funds and growth in your profit margin, your company will not survive. 

More customers, partners, and sponsors gain interest when you invest in your company’s online reputation and focus on positive content. Now more than ever, keeping positive business reviews and a clean online reputation is essential.  

Profitability and trust will attract customers and clients, but how does online reputation influence your employees and future team members? 

With LinkedIn and Indeed’s strong pull on the employment industry, defending your brand and reputation on these sites will attract legitimate and loyal employees. Team members are looking for companies that share their same core values. 

If you have negative news or bad reviews circulating on Google, Reddit, or other sites online, this may damage a future team member’s perception of your company. 

A bad reputation will worsen if it is not adequately monitored and cared for. If your company doesn’t have great curb appeal, no one will want to come to your door to see what’s inside. The same goes for your online curb appeal. 

Recovering from a damaged online reputation may seem like a daunting task, but with the right help, your issues can be resolved. 

Maybe you don’t have a bad reputation to start with, but it’s not showing very positive results either. Let’s be honest; Google can be hard to navigate as a business owner at BRANDefender’s, we can help you clean up your reputation or generate positive search results through our SEO experts. 

Fixing Your Online Reputation

Fixing your online reputation can be difficult, but it is not impossible. You can take several steps to improve your reputation online. 

As mentioned above, social media plays a massive part in our interactions with others, so being active on social media is one of the best ways to start fixing your reputation. 

Investing in social media, whether it be Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, or all of the sites, will allow you and your company to be part of the conversation. 

Being active on social media will show you important information like what content your audience likes, who your target audience is, and what things they like. 

These platforms give you powerful analytics that will help you grow your business and provides a professional space to reach out to customers and clients and see their questions and concerns about your products or services. 

Reaching out to customers through social media will build positive experiences and help to eliminate negative ones. This is one of the ways that you can defend your brand and fix your online reputation. 

Hiring an experienced social media marketer can help you get the ball rolling if the platform feels overwhelming. They can also help you gather essential data, create better-optimized content, and combat negative comments or posts. 

Although we are not social media experts here at BRANDefenders, we do have years of experience in managing the reputation of companies online and defending their brands. 

Every person and company is entitled to fair online representation. Find what assets you have online and note what negative news may be circulating. 

We can then assist you in promoting your brand, ridding of negatives, and combat against misinformation. 

It’s essential to monitor your online reputation and ensure positive results. Hiring our team provides you with peace of mind, leaving the dirty work to us so you can focus on growing your business. 

We work hard to actively and proactively defend your brand and online reputation. Many Fortune 500 companies use online reputation management to eliminate negative results and boost positives. 

Local agencies like BRANDefenders work with high-profile individuals and senior executives, as well as smaller brands and companies. 

We want to work within your budget to monitor and manage your online reputation. With SEO experts, we can efficiently and effectively navigate the evolving digital environment while monitoring your brand. 

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