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We are a full service film production & creative agency. We provide full service film production that builds your brands awareness, through the production of amazing video content for you or your business. We’ve all seen bad commercials. That’s because knowing how to bring together every element of film takes skill, experience, and taste. From perfect lighting and locations, to finding and hiring the ideal cast and crew for every spot; we know how to bring people and craft together to create something truly special every time. You’ll see the difference.

Be Memorable

Creating something memorable comes down to more than just shooting a great shot. The pacing of the edit, the music, the coloring, the visual effects – we combine it all into something that resonates with your specific audience. Whether your video is supposed to be funny, inspiring, heartwarming, shocking, beautiful, informative, aspirational, or just plain amazing, what it won’t be is forgettable.

We help you

Build Awesome Videos

People Love Videos

Use video media to capture the attention of your audience

Be Creative With Your Message

We all hate to watch boring videos. Be different. Have fun.

Define Your Why Message

Every good brand should have a ‘Why’ to drive trust and purpose.


BYU Store - Commercial

“Businesses using video grow company revenue 49% faster, year-over-year, than organizations without.”

Gate Key Financial - Commercial

The time is now...

Take Action

BRANDefenders provides full service film production so you can focus on what you do best while we do what we do best, producing amazing video content for you or your business.

Our team will help you craft a clear and unique visual message for your brand. We will also design campaigns to help you reach your target audience.


The National Parks - Music Video