Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management

Is your brand facing dark clouds ahead?

Professional Branding Reputation Management Near Orem, UT

Reputation Management is Critical for Your Brand

It was not too long ago that a company’s online reputation did not really matter. Thanks to the explosion of the internet, and more and more people relying on their mobile device to gather quick information, a company can’t survive in today’s world without a solid reputation online.

At BRANDefenders, we have a team dedicated to helping businesses control their reputation online as much as possible. Through various methods, we can create a more positive online reputation in a short amount of time. Whether your business is firmly established, just starting out, or dealing with a crisis, we know what it takes to make things head in the right direction.

Only 5% of people look past the first page of Google, and over 65% trust online search results the most when conducting research about a business.

BRANDefenders has built

A Proven Process

Scour the Internet

Our branding team will review online results for your brand, benchmark their findings, and determine the best plan of action. We then review this with your team and get to work.

Bury Unwanted Content

Once we collaborate and create needed content, we’ll implement proven techniques to supplant unwanted content online. This results in a clean results page for top keywords.

Promote Brand Identity

Your brands identity is what people remember. With negative items address, our team will strategically promote positive content about your brand to improve brand identity.

Do I really need reputation management?

The ease of reading reviews and learning more about a business has made the internet a go-to source for information. Gone are the days where consumers are doing zero research before committing their money to a business. There is no way to get around having a poor reputation online when this is the case. Even a lack of a reputation online can crush a business, no matter how well they have done in the past.

We like to talk with every new business with work first to figure out goals and plans that are reasonable. For some, getting online and finally figuring out how to create a new revenue stream can make all the difference in the world. Others are tired of seeing other companies have success online while they are lagging behind. Some brands are leaving mind-boggling money on the table by not having a better online reputation (and a way to capitalize on a positive reputation).

Online Reputation Management for New Brands

Creating a new brand is an exciting time. With that said, there are many potential pitfalls that an owner can run into during that process. To avoid those pitfalls, working with us at BRANDefenders is a quality option for any industry. We know how to help companies get their name out and grow the right way from the beginning.

By making smart steps during the early stages of a business launching, there are a ton of benefits. For starters, there is less need to spend money and change things later on. It also establishes a great reputation from the beginning, when businesses are most vulnerable to getting poor reviews. As poor reviews start to pour in online, they can crush any early momentum a business has. Before even getting a chance to succeed, a brand is forced to play catch up.

We have helped many startups in numerous niches, so we know what works and what does not. We focus on what customers want to see from the beginning, and build out from there.

Online Reputation Management for Established Brands

A firmly established brand online can feel like they have everything under control. However, it might be nothing more than a house of cards if something were to happen down the road. Working with us at BRANDefenders ensures that an online reputation looks good now, and it is protected for the future.

We use various approaches to make sure that a brand never has to suffer through potential issues later on. By being proactive, business owners can be a lot more confident that everything operates on a day-to-day basis like it should. With one less thing to worry about, a team can focus on more important things.

It takes a lot of work to build up a strong online reputation, but it does not take much for it to all come crashing down. We also explain some of the ways all the hard work we put in can continue to provide value months and even years from now.

Many brands are surprised with how much more they can achieve after working with us. Even companies doing well online with their reputation have a chance to capitalize even further. We find every way to tap into a solid online reputation for the best revenue streams.

The time is now...

Take Action

BRANDefenders provides full-service search engine optimization services so you can focus on what you do best while we do what we do best: helping your website get to the top of search rankings.

Our team will evaluate your current performance and develop a time-centric action plan.

At BRANDefenders, we work within your budget, not the other way around. This puts you in control.

Online Reputation Management for Crisis Situations

Businesses can face their own set of problems, seemingly out of nowhere. In some cases, the problems are not even a real issue, but they can still do catastrophic damage to a business. We at BRANDefenders can craft an idea on how to approach things the right way during these crisis situations.

Depending on the severity of the crisis, we use many methods to get a brand’s reputation back. We have the opportunity to delete or suppress certain negative links or stories in some scenarios. We can promote the positive news in a way that it shows up first in any search engine results. We even offer help that can translate to offline crisis control.

Getting through a crisis with a brand can be a daunting task. Fighting it without professionals with knowledge in the industry could lead to bad results. We are always willing to do research on any business and devise a plan that makes the most sense. Some crisis situations are easier to navigate than others, but there are ways to bound back from just about anything.

What We Do

How exactly does online reputation management work? Every brand has slightly different needs, but we do offer basic as well as advanced services.


Suppressing and Burying Negative Results

At some point in time, brands can run into an issue with negative search results online. The first time it happens, it can freak out business owners looking to protect their brand as much as possible. It becomes even more of a headache when the negative results are false, or loosely connected to the brand in general.

No matter how the search results pop up in the first place, there are ways to use suppression to bury these results. In some cases, we are even able to index certain links from the SERP. Well that happens, it becomes an instant relief for brands struggling to find some sort of solution along the way.


Reputation Monitoring

Curious if any negative news is pushed out? Staying ahead of issues is the best way to fight through hits to the reputation. We offer reputation monitoring services so business owners never miss out on a story (good or bad).


Review Management

Online reviews can make or break a brand in a lot of ways. The problem is, customers are more likely to make an effort to voice their opinion online if it is negative. That can sometimes crush brands, as satisfied customers do not have the same incentive. 

We find ways to get honest, positive reviews. Brands also get a chance to learn how to handle negative reviews, which can help fight against future bad comments.

Why choose BRANDefenders for Online Reputation Management?

BRANDefenders is made up of a team with decades of experience in the reputation field, who have learned exactly what works and what does not online. Brands can’t afford to leave their online reputation in the hands of others who often over promise and under deliver. We work with a selected number of brands at a time to ensure that everyone gets personalized care that can have a huge impact on a company’s success.