Search Engine Optimization

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Search Engine Optimization

Improved Search Engine Rankings

BRANDefenders understands that your website content is the authoritative message for your brand. Our systems will analyze your market and the health of your website. We access the world’s largest database of 20 billion keywords, 300+ million ads and over 17 billion URLs crawled per day to best align your sites message and code to rank well in search results. With BRANDefenders SEO packages, you get more than just numbers shared in a report. BRANDefenders analyzes the data for you and receives recommendations on SEO health that our team of experts applies, or sends to your team to apply to your website.

Quality Website Traffic

Improved search rankings for critical keywords associated to your brand can have a huge impact on the amount of traffic you see on your site, and quality of traffic that your website receives. Over 88% of the market uses Google to search for the products and services online. Several factors will determine if you will appear when your products or services are searched. We help you optimize and refine your message to weed out low quality traffic, and appear in front of high quality audiences. When relevant searches for your business or offerings are made, our goal is that the search includes your company’s website.


Understanding what you’re hopeful to achieve from your SEO campaign is the first step. BRANDefenders delivers SEO reports monthly that illustrate detailed data regarding changes made and improvements to your search rankings. Information provided in these reports also describe ongoing efforts based on real insights as to what’s working. From there your BRANDmanager will work with you to include any new projects, initiatives, or valuable brand messages you’d like highlighted in future campaigns.


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BRANDefenders provides full-service search engine optimization services so you can focus on what you do best while we do what we do best: helping your website get to the top of search rankings.

Our team will evaluate your current performance and develop a time-centric action plan.

What is Website Optimization

Website optimization is the process of using specific methods, advanced strategies, and CMS tools to improve the performance and readability of your website. This can result in driving more traffic to the site or specific pages, increasing conversions and distributor on-boarding, and ultimately growing revenue.

A critical aspect of web optimization is search engine optimization (SEO). Mastering good SEO practices not only helps your site get various pages of your website to rank highly in the search engine result pages (SERP’s) but enables potential customers and distributors to find your brand or products. Another important aspect is on-page optimization, which ensures that prospects that land on your website have the best user experience possible. Good on page optimization should compels them to take the desired action and follow your click through path (whether that’s to buy something or enroll as a new distributor).

How does Search Engine Optimization (SEO) work?

Search engine optimization, otherwise referred to as SEO, is all about improving a brand’s appearance online in various ways. There are on-site and off-site SEO practices that can ensure that the major search engines not only take note of certain websites, but rank highly depending on the keyword.

By increasing information online and using expert knowledge in the field, companies can rank higher and higher for lucrative keywords. This helps national brands, as well as local brands, build their reputation positively. Once a brand starts to rise in the rankings, they can grow organically from there, improving their entire digital market strategy.

That is a very simplified version of what we do, but the challenging part is staying ahead of the competition. For competitive keywords, there are always competitors trying to outrank each other. When business is booming online, multiple brands might be pushing for the same slots.

The search engines themselves are also tricky. Search engine algorithms are evolving all the time. The major options are always trying to tweak things so that it all works as expected. This can make people change their strategies with SEO, but adaptability is always part of the equation. What worked even a couple of years ago is obsolete now.

Creating an SEO path for every brand

Our team at BRANDefenders loves coming up with a plan for every single brand we work with for website optimization. It can start with something simple like on-site SEO and content enhancement, and it can go further into finding out exactly how search engines operate.

How companies utilize what pops up in search engines also dictates the approach we take. Some brands are looking for building a reputation only, making an impression down the road. Others are looking to make a sale right then and there, and it needs to be set up for consumers to do that as easily as possible.

Since we work directly with each brand, we can devise a plan that actually works and can be implemented quickly. Too many brands made the mistake of working with several different solutions at once, holding each other up along the way. It can be very tedious to get even the simplest projects done when everyone is only doing part of the optimization.

Different types of SEO for different brands

There’s not one SEO solution that works for every brand, which is why we love offering several different options for every single client we take on. A business is not just limited to one type of SEO service as well, as some will need a few different approaches to meet your company or personal brand goals.

Local SEO

A brand that is trying to dominate the rankings in a particular niche locally needs a focus on local SEO strategy. Our focus is helping with local search optimization, content creation, set up, and optimization. Doing some of the smaller things, such as setting up Google my Business, is also essential and growing a local SEO brand.

The amount of search results are usually not as large, since people are looking for something very specific. However, those searching for longtail keywords that are specifically local usually have a stronger chance of being in the purchasing mood. The conversion rates are fairly high with local search results, which is why SEO matters so much.

Online e-commerce SEO

For businesses and brands trying to grow with a nationwide or even worldwide audience, online commerce SEO is a great option to focus on. Instead of focusing only on local solutions, this is all about competing with bigger keywords and any company also online.

Some of these projects can end up being a little more time-consuming, but they are also the most lucrative. This is a way to not only get more views and receive more clicks, but capitalize on those opportunities with more conversions. A proper mix of SEO and quality sales pitches can make a huge difference.


It can be hard to read and comprehend SEO analytics, but we do that part better than any. We translate some of the raw data so that people can see the results as more and more time passes.

We help to provide information from Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, and other forms of data. Our team provides timely reports and insight on where things are going and trending.

Packages for any and all SEO needs and budgets

Our pricing makes it easy for people to find the exact type of SEO that they need. It can sometimes be challenging to figure out what exactly is needed, but we work with each brand to figure out the best fit.

Ultimately, the only way brands are going to be happy paying for quality SEO work is if they see results. Each project ends up being a different timetable, as we pride ourselves on making fast inroads that last a long time.

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