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Woodside Credit Case Study

Positive Content Placement And Advertising

Woodside Credit, a leading classic car financing institution, faced an exciting opportunity: to establish a commanding online presence with positive content leading Google search results while enhancing its reputation through high review scores and improving autocomplete predictions.

Additionally, their investment in an external advertising agency was yielding diminishing returns, as it cost more while delivering poor conversion rates on paid search ads. This prompted the need for a strategic overhaul to revitalize their reputation management and optimize advertising for better results and customer engagement.

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Identifying The Problem

BRANDefenders played a crucial role in elevating Woodside Credit’s online presence and reputation management. We undertook a comprehensive analysis of the brand’s digital footprint, shining a light on the opportunity to enhance positive content and secure a prominent position in Google search results, effectively addressing Woodside Credit’s reputation challenges.

Simultaneously, we reviewed Woodside Credit’s paid advertising campaigns, identifying inefficiencies and excessive costs with the external advertising agency. This comprehensive approach formed the basis for a solution aimed at bolstering Woodside Credit’s online reputation and optimizing its paid advertising efforts for improved results and customer engagement.

Strategy and Implementation

BRANDefenders developed a strategy to address these growing concerns

Content Creation & SEO

BRANDefenders worked hand in hand with Woodside Credit, crafting a compelling array of positive and authoritative content that highlighted the company’s excellence and underscored its unwavering dedication to classic car financing. This comprehensive content strategy extended to external publications, accentuating Woodside Credit’s industry expertise, active community involvement, and the myriad success stories shared by satisfied customers. By employing cutting-edge SEO techniques, BRANDefenders ensured that this content claimed top positions in search results, effectively displacing unrelated and competitor narratives while strengthening and insulating Woodside Credit’s esteemed online reputation.

Review Management

BRANDefenders encouraged satisfied Woodside Credit customers to share their financing experiences online. They managed reviews across multiple platforms, thanked positive reviewers, addressed negatives constructively, and appealed to review platforms for the removal of defamatory or fake reviews.

Autocomplete Predictions

BRANDefenders introduced an exclusive solution to enhance Woodside Credit’s autocomplete predictions. Our proprietary software is designed to remove negative keywords, effectively influencing autocomplete results. This innovative approach ensured accurate and real-time search outcomes for Woodside Credit’s clients, capitalizing on autocomplete prediction opportunities.

Business Listing Management

BRANDefenders implemented a meticulous business listing management plan for Woodside Credit. This involved establishing and actively managing authoritative business profiles across various online platforms. By carefully optimizing these listings with accurate and consistent information, high-quality images, and compelling descriptions, BRANDefenders not only ensured that potential customers could easily find and connect with Woodside Credit but also significantly boosted the company’s SEO value.  

Paid Media Optimization

BRANDefenders devised a comprehensive strategy for Woodside Credit, aimed at optimizing its paid advertising campaigns. BRANDefenders carefully assessed and restructured their ad campaigns to lower costs while enhancing their effectiveness. This involved refining ad targeting, optimizing ad copy and creatives, and strategic keyword adjustments. Concurrently, we implemented data-driven tracking and analysis techniques to identify high-performing ad elements and allocate budget effectively. 

Results Over A Six Month Period

The positive, optimized content we generated began to surface on the first page of Google search results, displacing the unwanted, irrelevant content to the second and third pages.

Positive client reviews began to outnumber any negative reviews, improving Woodside Credit’s average rating across various platforms like BBB and WalletHub. These platforms also removed fake reviews after appeal.

BRANDefenders successfully managed Woodside Credit’s Google autocomplete predictions, redirecting customers to positive content on Google instead of other associations.

BRANDefenders successfully linked over 70 business listings, significantly boosting Woodside Credit’s SEO value and positioning the company at the forefront of search results.

Through continuous monitoring, testing, and refinement, BRANDefenders strategy drove a notable increase in conversions, ensuring Woodside Credit received better returns on their advertising investments.

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BRANDefenders spearheaded a game-changing campaign for Woodside Credit, seizing the opportunity to propel the company to the forefront of search results through strategic reputation management and SEO tactics. By skillfully curating positive content, managing autocomplete predictions, overseeing reviews, and meticulously maintaining business listings, we successfully transformed Woodside Credit’s digital landscape. This strategic endeavor not only rejuvenated the company’s online standing but also cultivated trust and assurance among potential clients. 

Simultaneously, the optimization of Woodside Credit’s paid advertising campaigns delivered an impressive outcome, driving higher conversions while maintaining cost efficiency. Together, these achievements solidified Woodside Credit’s standing as a trusted and reputable brand in the classic car financing industry, fortifying customer relationships and promoting business growth.

Lessons Learned

This Woodside Credit case study highlights the importance of proactive online reputation management and strategic digital marketing. It emphasizes that strategic and SEO-driven positive content creation can enhance an organization’s online image. Moreover, optimizing paid advertising campaigns for cost-efficiency and higher conversions is crucial. In summary, the study underscores the value of a holistic approach in safeguarding and elevating a brand’s digital reputation while fostering trust and growth.

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