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Explore our brand success stories, showcasing effective Strategies and Transformative Results for businesses


Rescuing A Physician’s Digital Reputation

A reputable and dedicated physician was faced with a daunting problem: her digital reputation was suffering due to ten negative search results on Google.


Digital Success For A Vehicle Protection Plan Company

Despite offering comprehensive and reliable protection plans, their click-through rates were stagnating, and their ad budget was becoming increasingly burdensome.


Building Online Presence For A Debt Consolidation Company Through Content Marketing

A reputable debt consolidation company recognized the need to establish a stronger online presence to reach a wider audience and increase brand awareness.


Elevating An Attorney’s Reputation With A Review Solution Campaign

A seasoned lawyer specializing in personal injury law faced a common challenge in the digital age: a lack of customer reviews. While he had a solid track record of success and a strong client base, his online reputation didn’t reflect his expertise.

Small Business

Building And Optimizing A New Website For A Small Business To Drive Increased Website Traffic

A family-owned business that offers personalized home décor and interior design services. Recognizing the importance of a strong online presence, they partnered with BRANDefenders, a renowned digital marketing company, to create and optimize a new website.

Direct Sales

Enhancing The Online Brand Image For A Leading Direct Sales Company

A leading direct sales company faced a challenge in shaping its online brand image and reputation. Negative reviews, misperceptions, and outdated information were impeding its growth potential.


Transforming Online Presence Through SEO, Website Development, And Content Marketing

UPPAbaby faced a critical challenge with significant website errors that slowed down its site and hampered its visibility in search results.

Woodside Credit

Harnessing The Power Of Brand Management Through Positive Content Placement And Advertising

We undertook a comprehensive analysis of the brand’s digital footprint, shining a light on the opportunity to enhance positive content and secure a prominent position in Google search results.

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The Process

Meet Your Consultant

BRANDefenders wants to align our goals with yours. Your onboarding specialist will help go over your brand message, learn your individual pain points, and research what areas we could help to improve.

Audit Your Brand

Your brand consultant will audit your brand in order to find what mentions exist, what web properties we need to control, and what your overall brand health is.

Implement The Strategy

Once the strategy is in place it is time to get to work. Through SEO, backlinks, content, reviews and more, our team will bolster your online presence making you a leader in your space.

Receive Results

Every month you can expect a detailed report that will go over recent wins, concerns, next steps, and KPIs. Our team will continuously monitor mentions of your brand to make sure we continue to lead the space.


BRANDefenders understands how to best position content on the complex media landscape to deliver intentional results that insulate and prepare your brand for future attention. Run by individuals who have spent years operating successful businesses, our team has over 49 years of combined experience in the digital marketing industry.

We can remove negative or unwanted content from the internet for you! This can be tricky and is not guaranteed. However, we have had good success removing content such as negative YouTube videos, removing negative reviews, and removing bad images. We can even remove harmful content from sites like holysmoke.org, ripoffreport.com, scamion.com, and more!

No. With BRANDefenders, we are proud to offer solutions that are tailored to meet each and every client’s specific digital marketing and branding needs. Every business is unique and we feel like your marketing strategy should be unique as well.

BRANDefenders has been recognized as one of the top branding companies in Utah for 2023 and one of the top SEO companies in Provo, Utah. With over 49 years in the industry and with clients around the globe, we proudly serve all brands looking to take their company to the next level.

BRANDefenders offers solutions that allow us to be your one-stop shop for your brand. We define, defend, and develop your brand with services such as website development, website optimization, brand positioning, review solicitation, paid media, content marking, reputation management, and more.

Yes, we can help with auditing your website, improving searchability, building optimization, and even site design and creation. BRANDefenders is your one-stop shop for all things digital marketing. This means SEO, SEM, ORM, and even Google Autocomplete suggestion marketing and negative content removal are available.

Each solution is different and our solutions are tailored to you. Most companies can expect to pay at least $2500 per month. For fully managed digital marketing solutions each company brings a unique set of challenges and opportunities. So it is best to get a free quote to understand where your company could benefit most.

Simple removal services can take weeks to a few months. Managed agreements, however, usually take on a longer-term relationship. These can evolve into BRANDefenders becoming an extension of your team. In these scenarios, BRANDefenders often works closely with your marketing teams to manage the company’s online reputation, brand messaging, review monitoring, SEO, and more.

BRANDefenders is an extension of your team, and we only succeed when we help you to succeed. From the very beginning, you will be assigned a designated Project Coordinator who will work with you day by day to accomplish your goals. After onboarding, we will conduct initial research, set goals, create a plan, implement the plan, measure the results, and make adjustments as needed.

We believe in clear and quantifiable methods for tracking and reporting the effectiveness of our campaigns. That is why you will receive a unique monthly report that goes over the before and afters of your campaign. This allows us to show the results our work is accomplishing for you and gives you a clear picture of how far you have come.

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