BRANDefenders is a reputation branding firm built and lead by serial entrepreneurs who understand what it takes to grow a brand. We’re not just marketers, we are seasoned brand builders who have grown hundreds of companies, shaping markets and industries around the world. 

Our Story

From its inception, by founder & CEO Devin W. Johnson, BRANDefenders has been anchored in delivering high-quality services, through honest, ethical practices, while providing a work environment for our team to grow personally and professionally.

Mr. Johnson’s vision and the services offered by BRANDefenders attracted the attention of other highly successful entrepreneurs. After several investments and a majority acquisition in early 2023, the partners in the firm represent the strongest group of business strategists in the industry.

Too many marketing companies have never truly built brands in the industries they serve. Our owners have dozens of personal brands under their belt, and have helped grow thousands of brands collectively. Using BRANDefenders means you’re bringing a partner into your business to look under the hood and discover ways to define, defend and develop your brand, through intelligence, strategy & execution.


On our path to success, we foster a supportive and responsible environment, ensuring mutual care and accountability. Our approach is characterized by a proactive mindset: if we spot an issue, we take charge, find a solution, and act on it.

Our Mission

Provide meaningful results through honesty, transparency, and shear determination to exceed our customers expectations. BRANDefenders will carefully create a strong, positive perception of your brand through strategic content placed online, and cutting edge techniques to better shape your online narrative.

Our Values

Delivering value through values is our #1 priority. Our team knows that ‘In order to deliver best-in-class results we must care about our customers, their brands, and their customers. Our customers are real people, and as men and women serving men and women, we must educate and establish trust to earn their business. Everyday there after we must be worthy of that business by adding value and providing them clarity of services provided.

Critical Thinking

We alleviate challenges and provide solutions for top-tier brands globally. Collaborating closely, we are unwavering in our commitment to secure successful results for each of our clients.

Meet Our Team

Rich Galgano

Investor & Chairman of the Board

Devin Johnson

Founder, President, & CEO

Robert Seidler

Investor & Advisor

Matt Seidler

Investor & Advisor

Nathaniel Beaver

Investor & Advisor

Jake Galgano

Investor & Board Member

Cameron Killpack

Co-Founder & VP of Operations

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