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BRANDefenders is a reputation branding firm built and lead by serial entrepreneurs who understand what it takes to grow a brand. We're not just marketers, we are seasoned brand builders who have grown hundreds of companies, shaping markets and industries around the world.

Historically businesses had to juggle different agencies to help them grow their brand online. Not only were they expensive, but they didn't collaborate to maximize efforts and often added burden to the business instead of being an asset!

BRANDefenders is a one-stop-shop. We start at the foundation of your brand, and have teams to offer Website Development, Website Optimization, Ongoing Content Creation & Blogging (on-page SEO), 3rd Party Content Creation (off-page SEO), Paid Advertisement (SEM), Online Reputation Management (ORM), Brand Consulting, and more!

Our History

Our company is owned by professionals who walk the walk, and not just talk the talk.

Our Founder, Devin Johnson has spent his career learning first hand what it takes to build a brand that now serves millions around the world. After exiting several successful ventures, Mr. Johnson was brought in to grow what became one of the industries leading reputation management companies. After establishing the brand it was clear a gap in the market existed to truly deliver value, based on values, to clients needing digital brand assistance.

Mr Johnson's vision and the services offered by BRANDefenders attracted the attention of other highly successful branding geniuses. After several investments and a majority acquisition in early 2023, the partners in the firm represent the strongest group of business strategists in the industry. Too many marketing companies have never truly built brands in the industries they serve. Our owners have dozens of personal brands under their belt, and have helped grow thousands of brands collectively. I guess you could say it's their passion, and they are selective on who we represent. Contact a member of our team to apply to be one of our partner brands.

Investor Meeting 2023

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Board Of Advisors

Rich Galgano BRANDefenders

Rich Galgano

Investor / Chairman of the Board

Devin W. Johnson, Chief Executive (CEO) Officer at BRANDefenders Corporation, smiling in a professional plaid attire, with a outdoor mountain backdrop.

Devin Johnson

Founder, President, & CEO

Robert Seidler BRANDefenders

Robert Seidler

Investor / Advisor


Matt Seidler

Investor / Advisor

Nathaniel Beaver BRANDefenders

Nathaniel Beaver

Investor / Advisor

Jake Galgano

Board Member

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Meet our team

Leadership Team

Devin W. Johnson, Chief Executive (CEO) Officer at BRANDefenders Corporation, smiling in a professional plaid attire, with a outdoor mountain backdrop.

Devin Johnson

Founder, President, & CEO

Cameron Killpack

Cameron Killpack

Co-Founder & VP of Operations

Gregg Knorn

Gregg Knorn

VP of Sales

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Our Mission:
Provide meaningful results through honesty, transparency, and shear determination to exceed our customers expectations. BRANDefenders will carefully create a strong, positive perception of your brand through strategic content placed online, and cutting edge techniques to better shape your online narrative.

Our Values:
Delivering value through values is our #1 priority. Our team knows that ‘In order to deliver best-in-class results we must care about our customers, their brands, and their customers. Our customers are real people, and as men and women serving men and women, we must educate and establish trust to earn their business. Everyday there after we must be worthy of that business by adding value and providing them clarity of services provided.’