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About BRANDefenders

BRANDefenders is a digital marketing company offering services ranging from SEO, Paid Advertisement, Online Reputation Management (ORM), consulting, and more. Our company has years of experience shaping online search results through PR and suppression techniques. We are also able to remove negative content online. We know how to get these unwanted listings removed and have created proprietary, legal techniques, not to just hide them from the search results but to insulate against future repeat rankings of negative articles. Every case and scenario is unique and we commonly help clients who have been defamed on sites like Ripoffreport.com, Pissedconsumer.com, Glassdoor.com, Scambook.com, Thedirty.com, local and national news sites, and many more. If you haven’t faced these difficult circumstances online, we have specialized techniques for building insulation from these potential risks to an online brand and reputation.

In addition to having the ability to completely remove negative listings that are found on the internet our branding gurus can craft campaigns to successfully replace negative articles with positive articles that are factual, truthful and not merely promotional. We can get great reviews from your satisfied customers using a number of different techniques and tools that we have perfected through the years.

Our team of white-hat internet marketing experts know the search engines inside and out. We understand how keywords and keyword phrases turn up negative results and we know ways that are unique to get them offline. We have a variety of tools at our disposal to help in keeping your reputation fair and accurate. Unlike many of the companies just springing up to handle this problem online, we’ve been doing this for 10+ years. We have thousands of satisfied clients under our belt on 5 continents.

BRANDefenders will proudly serve you anywhere in the world. We have office locations in Utah, Washington D.C., Florida, and Los Angeles, California. We will be more than happy to meet with you to discuss your online reputation & branding needs.

Customer Reviews

Hit the Nail on the Head!

Cynthia L ~

It took me 3 years to find an effective, “Hit the nail on the head” team to remove slanderous attorney advertisements and defamatory material off the internet. Seth/Reputation Management had this material removed and did it in a short period of time. I am extremely impressed.

I was clueless with SEO

Natasha J. ~

As the owner of a new startup, I was clueless about brand and content marketing. However, BRANDefenders helped me with a free assessment and analysis for how to fix things. I was incredibly pleased with their work ethic and commitment to helping me market and advertise my home-based company. I now have a great website with brand videos and content that is steadily streaming in business and sales. The company created a strategic SEO plan with unique ways to promote my brand to mass audiences. Thanks a bunch to their awesome marketing team and professionals.

Completely removed false defamation

Laura B. ~

I can’t say enough about how much BRANDefenders has helped correct the online information about our business. We had a competitor slander us online, and not only did BRANDefenders take care of the false information online, they’ve helped us rank at the top of our industry in our region.

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Provide meaningful results through honesty, transparency, and shear determination to exceed our customers expectations. BRANDefenders will carefully create a strong, positive perception of your brand through strategic content placed online, and cutting edge techniques to better shape your online narrative.

In order to deliver best in class results we must care about our customers, their brands, and their customers. Our customers are real people, and as men and women serving men and women, we must educate and establish trust to earn their business. Everyday there after we must be worthy of that business by adding value and providing them clarity of services provided.

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