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Have you ever told your digital marketing agency to stop sending you so much information about your brand? Our customers often talk about just how much information they get from BRANDefenders that they never knew about their own company online. We think it’s our responsibility as an extension of your team to pull our weight. As you know, your reputation online truly defines someones perception of your company. Each person who interacts with your team, your material online, or others review of your business will form an opinion – right or wrong.

We don’t need to tell you how difficult it can be to combat negativity online. It’s relentless, complex, and often unable to be resolved internally. With BRANDefenders.com, we carry the load, managing your brand online, and resolving unwanted content.


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Operate on values, built on Accountability, Ownership, & Transparency.


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News media around the world have recognized BRANDefenders’ work. We have been featured in Bloomberg Businessweek, Forbes, Neil Patel, Newsweek, U.S. News, Clutch, Hollywood Reporter, WABC Radio, and others for our outstanding team of branding, public relations, marketing, and technology experts.

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Get a free quote and our team will audit your online brand to review online results, benchmark their findings, and determine the best plan of action. We then review this with your team and get to work.

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Once we collaborate and create needed content, we’ll implement proven techniques to supplant unwanted content online. This results in a clean results page for top keywords.

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Your brands identity is what people remember. With negative items address, our team will strategically promote positive content about your brand to improve brand identity.

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We’ll ensure your online narrative is positive and accurately portrays your brand message.


After completing a comprehensive audit of your website, we optimize your brands message.


Our systems identify negative search suggestions and replace them with positive ones.


BRANDefenders can permanently remove unwanted content from the internet.


BRANDefenders has a team of industry leading film production and creative media experts.

What we do

Build & Defend
Your Online Reputation

Your brands online reputation can be a difficult thing to manage and protect, especially if someone’s targeted you with negative information or comments online. With a seemingly endless amount of negativity taking to the internet, companies have a hard time establishing brand voice and value, while protecting page rank for your brand.

BRANDefenders manages your online reputation, with our online reputation management and brand protection programs. We will help you restore if needed or establish your company’s reputation. We can bury and in some cases remove unwanted reviews, negative articles, complaints, and negative autocomplete predictions from prominent search results.

We serve individuals, small businesses, medium businesses, enterprise corporations, in almost every industry. No job is too big and we work with almost every budget. Contact our team today to explore your brands unique needs and build a customized campaign today.


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BRANDing 101 -

Why is Reputation Management so Important?

More and more, people are turning to the internet to make purchases and research businesses and individuals. In doing so, they look to customer reviews and online sentiment to judge you or your business, and to influence their purchasing decisions. Even consumers buying in-store are now reading reviews first on their smart phones. A staggering 95% of customers read online reviews before making a purchase. This means it’s highly likely you’re losing out on sales if you don’t have positive reviews — and a lot of them.

You must have some type of reputation management plan in place. Simply “hoping everything works out on its own” or letting the product or service “speak for itself” is no longer sufficient. It just takes a tiny bit of negativity to make a business look bad online during a quick search.

With good online branding, and reputation management, you can generate online reviews, which can help your ranking. Earning more customers organically means less money spent on costly marketing campaigns. Are you doing everything you can to ensure your business is earning positive online reviews? Let’s connect and review your initiatives and discuss if this is sufficient to achieve your marketing goals.

Your online reputation is more than just ratings. You must monitor what people are saying about your business on the internet. If there are any negative sentiments, it’s vital to get ahead of them before they become a problem for your company’s image and revenue stream.


You can track your online reputation in the following ways:

  • Positive online ratings. Every positive word said online contributes in some way. 
  • The size of social media communities engaging with and supporting your business. Social media allows people to share opinions and gather information faster than ever before. Building trust in these personal communities is a big deal.
  • The tone and sentiment of comments about your company on online message boards, review sites, and social media. Examining how a company is brought up gives you a good idea of the general consensus floating around.
  • The number of positive press mentions. Too many companies are under the impression that traditional press no longer matters. They are still a very authoritative voice in any industry.
  • Google ranking. Consumers see top-ranking sites in a positive light and as more credible. Getting at or near the top of results for major keywords makes a big difference.
  • The number of customer service issues resolved positively, both offline and online. Customers pay attention to the interactions others have with a business.