Autocomplete Prediction Removals and Marketing

Autocomplete Prediction Removal & Marketing

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Autocomplete Prediction Removal & Marketing

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Autocomplete Predictions

Over the last few years, many search engines have tried to make things as easy as possible for users. One benefit that seems to be getting more accurate and better than ever is autocomplete predictions. While it can be very beneficial in some scenarios, they also have the opportunity of being pretty negative for some brands.

All it takes is for one autocomplete suggestions or predictions to be even the slightest bit negative for people to have their interest. A little bit in the day out of any potential customer can crash a brand’s reputation in a hurry, even if it is not true.

At BRANDefenders, we understand that this can be one of several challenges that a brand has to deal with at some point. That is why we have worked hard to come up with a solution, pushing out the unwanted suggestions or predictions and also dictating what might show up instead. It is a new, creative way of helping with search engine optimization, and can protect brand names easily.

Customized Autocomplete Results

Business owners might not completely understand how complete auto works, especially when different predictions show up for different people. Search engines try to customize results for individuals based on their history. Not only that, but it also goes off of current locations. What that means is that autocomplete results might look fine for some, but negative for others.

We make sure that all results are showing up clean and accurate. It can be a tedious task trying to keep up with so many local results, but a business must get ahead of any negative results that might be out there.

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BRANDefenders provides full-service search engine optimization services so you can focus on what you do best while we do what we do best: helping your website get to the top of search rankings.

Our team will evaluate your current performance and develop a time-centric action plan.

How does Search Engine Autocomplete work

Using any of the main search engines these days, all a person has to do is start typing a few letters, and predictions pop up. The more information a person types, the closer the search engine is to popping up the right information. Unfortunately, some of the predictions can be negative after typing in the brand’s full name.

Common autocomplete predictions such as location, services, reviews, and social media handles are easy to spot. What can really frustrate a brand is having negative words linked to a search. Complaints, recalls, lawsuit, scam, and other words can crush a business in a hurry.

Curiosity is always going to get the best of people who see these autocomplete predictions and are thinking about making a purchase.

The suggestions do not pop out of anywhere, as at least somebody has been searching these exact words at some point. The problem is, for some brands, it just takes a few searches to make the list. Brands that have not been around for a while, or are new to the online scene, turn to be the most vulnerable. Bigger brands actually going through a negative issue can also be harmed, even if it was a long time ago.

Why real search activity provides real solutions

Countless companies offer shortcuts to fixing search engine autocomplete issues, but they do not necessarily work the same. For so many people out there, it comes down to

By using quality methods that are meant to provide lasting results, people do not have to spend money on the same service over and over again. When competitors take shortcuts, they can show short term results, but they will not last in the long run. What ends up happening is a brand needs to spend more and more money as time goes on to keep up.

Google’s autocomplete, predictive search feature uses an algorithm based on popular searches, and recent content getting attention to predict a user’s search query as it is typed. It will automatically provide a dropdown list of suggestions that changes as the user adds more characters to the search input. This can lead people down content paths that can be beneficial or damaging to the brand.

Using Autocomplete Predictions as an SEO tool

Getting rid of negative results is one thing, but what about building a brand stronger and stronger than ever before? This can work for any brand out there, but especially ones that have more generic names.

If a brand has a name that is shared with something else out there, they can sometimes be confusing for people to find relevant information. By improving the auto correct results, we are able to help businesses point potential customers in the right direction.

This might seem like a drawn out process for a lot of people, but it is really anything but.