Reputation Monitoring

Your online reputation is your most valuable asset. At BRANDefenders, we specialize in comprehensive online reputation monitoring, ensuring that your digital footprint not only shines but also authentically represents your brand’s ethos. Our cutting-edge technology swiftly identifies and analyzes your online presence, offering real-time insights and proactive solutions to elevate your image.
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Know What’s Happening Behind The Scenes

Real Time Alerts

BRANDefenders believes it’s important to know precisely what is being said about you online. That is why we have developed comprehensive monitoring software that will give you real-time alerts. You’ll receive superior reporting and analysis in an easy-to-use dashboard. We will also help guide you in your responses with a cost of service that aligns with your budget.

Your Reputation Impacts Your Business

A survey by ReviewTrackers found that 53% of customers expect businesses to respond to negative reviews within a week.
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The same survey by ReviewTrackers also found that 94% of customers said that negative content has convinced them to avoid a business.
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Over 63% of a company’s market value is dependent on its online reputation.
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It takes about 40 positive consumer experiences to offset the damage done by a single negative review.
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Why You Need Reputation Monitoring

Reputation monitoring is an essential aspect of managing an entity’s online presence. By actively monitoring and managing their online reputation, brands can protect their image, improve customer trust and loyalty, and ultimately achieve their business goals.

Build Credibility

Building credibility establishes trust, fostering customer loyalty and driving long-term business success.

Mitigate Negative Impact

Mitigating negative impact safeguards reputation, ensuring sustained customer trust and business resilience.

Manage Crisis

Managing crises preserves brand integrity, instilling confidence and securing long-term business viability.

Increase Sales and Revenue

Bolster your business’s financial health. Enable investments in innovation, expansion, and operations.

What Is Reputation Monitoring?

Reputation monitoring refers to the process of actively monitoring and managing a person, organization, or brand’s online reputation. It involves tracking online mentions and feedback of the entity across various platforms such as social media, review websites, forums, and news outlets.

The main purpose of reputation monitoring is to identify any negative comments or reviews that may harm the entity’s reputation and to take appropriate action to mitigate their impact. This may involve responding to negative comments or reviews, addressing customer complaints, or seeking legal action in extreme cases.

Reputation monitoring can also be used to identify positive feedback and capitalize on it to improve the entity’s reputation further. For instance, BRANDefenders can promote positive reviews as social proof to attract more customers.

BRANDefenders uses specialized tools and software to automate the process of tracking online mentions. These tools can provide real-time alerts and analytics, making it easier for our team to respond promptly.


It’s essential for understanding public perception, managing brand image, responding to customer feedback, identifying potential crises early, and making informed business decisions based on customer sentiment.

Reputation monitoring involves using specialized software tools to scan the internet for mentions of your brand or company. These tools analyze content from social media, review sites, blogs, news sites, and other online sources to provide insights into how your brand is being discussed online.

Yes, by providing real-time alerts about negative mentions or sudden changes in sentiment, reputation monitoring can help businesses identify potential crises early, enabling them to respond proactively and mitigate damage.

Key features include real-time alerts, sentiment analysis, comprehensive coverage of online sources, trend analysis, customizable reports, and integration with other business tools.

This depends on your specific needs and the size of your business, but generally, it’s recommended to monitor your online reputation continuously with real-time alerts for immediate issues, supplemented by regular (weekly or monthly) in-depth reviews.

Absolutely. By providing insights into customer feedback and complaints, businesses can address issues promptly, improve their products or services, and communicate effectively with their audience, thereby enhancing customer service.

No, businesses of all sizes can benefit from reputation monitoring. While large businesses may be more visible online, small and medium-sized businesses also need to be aware of how they are perceived by customers and competitors.

Respond professionally and promptly, acknowledging the issue and offering a solution or further assistance. It’s important to show that you value customer feedback and are committed to improving their experience.

Yes, most reputation monitoring tools include social media tracking, allowing you to monitor mentions, comments, and discussions about your brand across various social media platforms.

Customer Testimonial

Happy Client

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"A disgruntled former employee had launched an attack campaign with bogus reviews and complaints on various consumer review sites. These were very small compared to all of our positive real reviews, but they stood out and were causing damage. Brandefenders was able to get them removed and restore our rightful good reputation. Thank you again."
Lorraine McPherson

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