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Why use BRANDefenders for Review Solicitation

When looking for a review solicitation service you should find a company that makes getting new reviews easy and tailored to your business. BRANDefenders integrates with your existing marketing plans to provide you with compliant reviews while giving you a way to quickly respond to streamline your review management process. With industry-leading reporting and analytics and competitive pricing, BRANDefenders can help you with review solicitation.

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I was hesitant to hire a tech company for help with my business because it isn’t something I know a lot about. After talking with the team at BRANDefenders, I knew I was in good hands. They are very knowledgeable.
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What is Review Solicitation?

Review solicitation is the practice of encouraging customers to leave feedback or reviews about a product, service, or experience. It is an essential part of review management, which is vital for businesses to improve their credibility and reputation.

Reviews and feedback play a critical role in shaping the perception of a brand or business in the eyes of customers. Positive reviews can act as social proof, encouraging potential customers to trust and purchase from a business, while negative reviews can have the opposite effect. Thus, businesses must actively manage and monitor their online reputation, including soliciting reviews from customers.

BRANDefenders will put systems in place to solicit positive reviews via follow-up emails after purchase and provide incentives to leave reviews, including feedback on a website or social media page. We can also deploy an automated review management system in some cases.

Podium found that 93% of consumers say that online reviews impact their purchasing decisions.

According to a survey conducted by BrightLocal, 70% of consumers will leave a review for a business if they are asked to.

Why You Need Review Solicitation

Review solicitation is a critical practice for businesses to gather feedback and manage their online reputation. By encouraging customers to leave genuine reviews, businesses can gain valuable insights into customer experiences and identify areas for improvement.

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