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A seasoned lawyer specializing in personal injury law faced a common challenge in the digital age: a lack of customer reviews. While he had a solid track record of success and a strong client base, his online reputation didn’t reflect his expertise. Recognizing the importance of customer reviews in building trust and attracting new clients, the lawyer decided to seek assistance from BRANDefenders, a leading digital marketing company renowned for their expertise in reputation management and review solicitation.

Identifying The Problem

BRANDefenders began by analyzing the lawyer’s online presence. Despite his long-standing reputation and high client satisfaction, they discovered that the lawyer had only a handful of customer reviews scattered across various platforms. This limited online feedback hindered his ability to showcase his expertise and credibility to potential clients.

We helped a lawyer increase his customer reviews through review solicitation

Review Management Platform Implementation

BRANDefenders identified the need for a centralized review management platform to streamline the review solicitation process. They set up a platform that enabled the lawyer to monitor and respond to reviews across multiple platforms from a single dashboard.

Client Engagement and Communication

BRANDefenders worked closely with the lawyer to develop a client engagement strategy that encouraged satisfied clients to leave reviews. They educated the lawyer on the importance of reviews and trained him on effective communication techniques to request feedback from clients at appropriate times during the legal process.

Email and SMS Campaigns

BRANDefenders created personalized email and SMS templates for the lawyer to solicit reviews from his clients. These templates were strategically designed to be concise, persuasive, and non-intrusive, making it easy for clients to leave reviews. The campaigns were automated to ensure timely follow-ups and reminders to increase the response rate.

Review Incentives

BRANDefenders suggested implementing a referral program to incentivize clients to leave reviews. The lawyer offered a small token of appreciation, such as a gift card or discount on future legal services, to clients who provided feedback and referred new clients to him.

Review Acquisition Training

BRANDefenders provided the lawyer with a set of best practices and guidelines for obtaining reviews ethically and in compliance with the platforms’ policies. They trained the lawyer and his team on how to respond to negative reviews professionally and effectively, turning them into opportunities for service recovery.

Results Over A Six Month Period

The number of customer reviews increased by an impressive 200%, creating a robust and trustworthy online reputation for the lawyer as a expert specializing in personal injury law.

The positive reviews showcased the lawyer’s expertise, professionalism, and dedication to his clients, attracting new clients who were previously uncertain due to the lack of online feedback.

The review management platform enabled the lawyer to monitor and respond promptly to reviews, strengthening his relationships with existing clients and showcasing his commitment to exceptional customer service.

The referral program incentivized clients to refer new clients, expanding the lawyer’s client base through word-of-mouth marketing.


Thanks to BRANDefenders’s review solicitation strategy, the lawyer significantly improved his online reputation and increased his credibility as a personal injury lawyer. The influx of positive customer reviews positioned him as a trusted advocate and increased his visibility to potential clients searching for legal representation.

The increase in customer reviews played a pivotal role in John’s overall business growth. He experienced a surge in new client inquiries and conversions thanks to the enhanced online reputation and social proof provided by the reviews. The partnership between the lawyer and BRANDefenders successfully showcased the power of review solicitation in bolstering a lawyer’s digital presence and attracting new clients.

Lessons Learned

This case study emphasizes the importance of proactive review solicitation and management in the legal profession. It underscores the significance of a strong online reputation and the role customer reviews play in attracting new clients. By implementing a comprehensive strategy that includes review management platforms, client engagement, strategic campaigns, incentives, and proper training, legal professionals like the lawyer can significantly enhance their online presence and drive business growth. BRANDefenders’s expertise in review solicitation demonstrates the potential for substantial improvements in customer reviews and overall reputation management.

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