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As you glance down this round-up of the top ten most recognized brands worldwide, you may be surprised at the variation in the represented industries. However, while their products and services differ widely, there are certain similarities between the top ten brands in the world that hint at their secrets to success.

One common factor behind all of these companies is a strong team of brand defenders. Professional brand management from agencies like BRANDefenders is why these titans always seem to be on the cutting edge of what’s new and exciting. 

Brand defenders work to keep these ten companies at the forefront of their respective industries. They do this by tracking the brands’ performances, staying on top of social media and search engine trends, and handling the companies’ online reputation management (ORM) needs.

Let’s look at these ten companies, and see how brand management with targeted, proactive brand defender tactics have helped them soar to their current heights. 

1. Apple

Considering the popularity and near-ubiquity of its products, it may come as no surprise to learn that Apple is both the largest company in the world and the most widely recognized brand. The company’s success is primarily due to its ability to pair well-made, user-friendly products with innovative technologies and software.

Additionally, Apple has a very strong and recognizable logo that directly represents the company’s name. Apples are one of the most popular fruits globally, making them easily identifiable by people on every continent. Applying this type of creative thinking to promote a company’s image and renown is something the branding specialists at BRANDefenders excel in.

2. Google

Google’s brand recognition is as unmistakable as it is universal. Most of us even use the company’s name as a verb to describe searching for information on the internet. Plus, their use of red, blue, green, and yellow to tie together the logos of all of their apps gives the entire Google Suite a cohesive image.

Adding to its popularity, Google also has a widespread reputation as a fun and rewarding place to work. This reputation was partially achieved through videos the company released. Those videos are about what it’s like to be employed at Google. Creating high-quality videos like these is among the many ORM services offered by BRANDefenders to assist companies in crafting and promoting their desired online image.

3. Amazon

If you don’t think professional ORM services and savvy brand defender strategies are essential to Amazon’s success, you haven’t been paying attention. Brand defending companies are responsible for handling the negative backlash Amazon has experienced in the past few years by keeping track of product reviews and purchasing trends on their website. 

A company that is as massive as Amazon requires near-constant monitoring and ORM. Expert agencies like BRANDefenders offer these services to keep 

them on top of the latest trends and ahead of any bad publicity the company receives.

4. Microsoft

This is one of the older tech companies on this list. Microsoft’s worldwide brand recognition is largely due to the fame and success of its founder, Bill Gates. Gates’s image was primarily crafted and promoted by his public relations team, which has historically focused on highlighting Gates’s philanthropy as the head of the second-largest charitable organization in the world. 

While recent allegations have damaged Gates’s image, it’s a safe bet that Microsoft will stay afloat through the turmoil thanks to a combination of proactive ORM and a compelling brand defender strategy.

5. Coca-Cola

Thanks to its innovative advertising strategies and catchy, easy-to-remember name, Coca-Cola has been a wildly popular and recognizable brand for over a hundred years. One of the first companies to promote its product using colorful advertisements on public transportation, Coca-Cola has remained at the forefront of new marketing schemes and ad campaigns.

Like Google, Coca-Cola has made extensive use of memorable promotional videos and commercials to maintain its global brand recognition. These videos often include bright colors, catchy songs, and positive, feel-good imagery that resonates with a broad consumer base. 

The film production wizards at BRANDefenders create videos like these to shed a spotlight on brands and help spread the word about the services and products they offer. You can learn more about how video services can boost your ORM and image. 

6. Samsung

Samsung’s road to success has been long and winding. The company performed poorly in its first few decades, garnering a reputation for cheap, mass-produced products that were inferior to its competitors’ offerings. However, over the past ten years, Samsung has greatly improved the quality of its offerings and has boosted its public image through several successful advertising campaigns. 

Thanks to expert ORM and brand management strategies, Samsung has risen from its former obscurity to become one of the most recognizable tech brands in the world.

7. Toyota

For decades, Toyota has maintained a reputation as a manufacturer of safe, reliable family vehicles, consistently becoming one of the most popular auto brands. The top two best-selling cars in 2019 were the Toyota Corolla and the Toyota Rav-4. These vehicles have high safety ratings and are priced competitively with similar sedans and SUVs.

Toyota’s image as the family car of choice comes thanks to years and years of successful brand management. This included commercials and advertisements designed to appeal to people looking for safe, affordable vehicles for their families. 

This is one of the key strategies employed by agencies like BRANDefenders: helping companies to determine their target audience and produce advertisements and social media marketing strategies specifically designed to attract that demographic.

8. Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes-Benz has achieved worldwide recognition using roughly the same strategies as Toyota, another globally recognized car brand, though its image differs. The three-pointed Mercedes-Benz logo has been around since 1909, and in that time, it has become the ultimate symbol of luxury. 

While Toyota targets parents and people with families in its advertisements, Mercedes-Benz focuses its ORM and brand management strategies on people interested in luxury cars. Their online marketing and social media advertisements are full of people wearing expensive jewelry, fashionable clothing, and other symbols of status and wealth.

Whatever the target audience, agencies like BRANDefenders are experts at figuring out the best way to help companies and brands tailor their ORM and brand management strategies to appeal to that demographic.

9. McDonald’s

The famed golden arches of McDonald’s comprise one of the world’s most recognizable logos, thanks in large part to the brand’s consistency. The iconic design has not changed since it was first introduced more than fifty years ago. 

However, McDonald’s’s popularity today is also due to the rebranding efforts and pre-internet brand defender strategy employed by early owner Ray Kroc. Fast food establishments and roadside diners had a reputation for being hangouts for biker gangs and single young people until Mr. Kroc worked to develop the McDonald’s image into a safe, affordable place for families to bring their children for meals.

In the time of the internet, rebranding can be a complex undertaking for companies. Even “deleted” information from the internet can generally be found on the internet archives, so changing or fixing a brand’s online reputation might seem virtually impossible. Fortunately, through specific and custom-tailored ORM strategies and savvy brand management, agencies like BRANDefenders can provide most clients with a clean slate by optimizing search results, removing negative content, and promoting positive content.

10. Disney

Generally considered the planet’s most recognizable entertainment company, Disney is famous worldwide for its massive multimedia empire and its popular and beloved theme parks. Disney has expanded from its origins as a producer of fairy tale adaptations and Mickey Mouse cartoons to its current status as the owner and distributor of such major IPs as Marvel, Star Wars, and Pixar. 

The company even joined the ranks of the most popular online streaming services with the release of Disney+ in 2018. With such a large, widely varying array of franchises and offerings under its umbrella, it is no surprise that Disney’s brand management involves a staggering amount of ORM and an intricate brand defender strategy. 

Only a team of experts could stay on top of all of the media and social media engagement surrounding a massive corporation like Disney. 

The Bottom Line

While your company might not be among the top ten most recognized brands globally, your image will still benefit from the expert brand defender tactics wielded by a professional ORM agency. 

Whether your needs include search engine optimization, reputation management, negative content removal, or film and creative media production, BRANDefenders has got you covered. Our marketing and content experts can help take your company’s online reputation to new heights by carefully crafting tailored campaigns to amplify your brand. 

Team up with BRANDefenders to take control of your brand management today, and who knows? Maybe your company will end up on this list!

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