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More and more businesses are being started each year, and according to the U.S. Small Business Administration, small to medium-sized businesses make up over 65% of new jobs each year. 

However, as many businesses are created, it can be challenging to scale and grow those businesses. Entrepreneurs have much to worry about, so hiring marketing consultants, skilled team members, and employees with experience can be a great benefit to help grow your business. 

Alongside the business growth is the growing popularity of the internet and its job as a vast source of information. Social media marketing, reviews, and content creation have become some of the most significant assets to small business growth. 

Online reputation management is something business owners may not think about, but it is also vital to business growth and success. 

Online reputation management has become increasingly crucial for businesses and persons alike as the internet has grown over the last few decades into what it is today. 

Reputation management may be a new concept to some, whereas others are more familiar with the term. Those who know about online reputation management may have heard some common misconceptions. 

Some believe online reputation management is about monitoring social media or focusing solely on public relations. However, online reputation management includes monitoring any mentions of your brand online and working through various marketing tactics to create a positive online presence around your brand. 

Some standard online reputation management practices include monitoring customer reviews, monitoring any negative mentions about your brand, producing positive content online and on social media, website design, blog content, and so much more. 

Your business’s reputation should be on top of your company’s priority list because it may be harder to increase conversion rates, make more extensive sales, and increase profits overall your business. 

What is Online Reputation Management?

Some may confuse online reputation management with public relations because it is a term that originated from PR. Its practice originated when customers and consumers learned about businesses through advertisements, word-of-mouth, or other forms of media coverage. 

With the growth of the online world and the popularity of search engines like Google, online reputation management has become so much more. 

With potential customers’ opinions being swayed by reviewers online, social media influencers and comments, and more, public opinion about a brand is no longer being swayed as much by traditional media coverage. 

Instead, consumers are conducting their research on Google through review sites, blog content, social media, and more. Ensuring that you are in charge of what is being said about your brand on the internet is where reputation management comes into play. 

With the extensive internet reach and so much to keep track of online, it can be hard to trace what is being said about your business as there is more content in the public domain than ever before. 

Hiring experts to help with marketing tactics and SEO strategies to monitor your brand’s online reputation and be proactive in combatting any harmful content and maintaining positive content is imperative. 

We at BRANDefenders have spent years helping persons, small businesses, and brands manage their online reputation. Our SEO experts can help those who want to insulate their brand, those who need help fixing what’s said about them online, or those who just need another team member to help them take charge of online mentions and marketing. 

BRANDefenders knows the ins and outs of online reputation management. We can help with any problems or practices you and your business need to help grow profits and increase success through reputation management. 

Why Is Reputation Management Important?

It may seem like something that doesn’t matter when you are first starting your business. But reputation is a big part of business success, so be proactive and start online reputation management from the beginning will put you steps ahead of your competitors. 

Despite the importance of reputation management, many companies are not investing the time and energy it takes to monitor it correctly. Instead, these businesses are leaving it be, and when asked, they describe their reputation as rudimentary or non-existent.

At BRANDefenders, we want to fix that. Reputation is something that you should be proud of and confident in telling people what your brand reputation is like. So if it seems overwhelming, hire our experts to help you get started. 

Online reputation management can help you grow customer loyalty and trust rather than relying solely on sales. 

Sales are essential, as this keeps your company afloat, but how do you keep your customers coming back? Online reputation management can help with that. 

What happens when an angry customer leaves a negative review online or complains about your products or services on social media? Instead of waiting to find it yourself or hearing about it from a team member, online reputation management experts can help you set up mention alerts to respond proactively to negative feedback. 

Showing the complaining customer that you care, primarily online where others can see, will help you regain their loyalty and the trust of hundreds to thousands of others. Reputation management is all about the impression you make online. 

Focusing on all aspects of reputation management, especially valuing negative feedback and proactively combatting it, will help you grow profits and keep customers happy. 

Investing in online reputation management is one of the best things you can do for your business, but why is it so important? 

Online reputation management helps you gather important information regarding your brand’s perception online and provides the analytics necessary to tackle any negative news, reviews, or mentions online. 

Being armed with this critical information means you aren’t sitting on the sidelines, letting the negativity pile up until it’s taken over the internet and your brand image. Instead, you are being proactive and demonstrating to your customers that you are an active listener, aware of potential problems, and doing all you can to make things right. 

Sometimes mistakes happen in a company; other times, misinformation is flung around the internet. So when your brand does make a mistake, one of the best things you can do for your reputation is to own up to it and find ways to solve the problem. 

When misinformation is circulating about your company, it can be frustrating, but lashing out and becoming accusatory will hurt your image; instead, take a deep breath and let reputation management experts help you strategize to combat the negativity. 

Why Transparency Is Important To Reputation

The public is valuing honesty and transparency more and more due to the constant stream of misinformation that often plagues the internet. Consumers want to know what is happening within a company, and you can quickly gain a customer’s trust by being transparent and honest in all dealings. 

This is a massive part of online reputation management. Being honest about your company, who you are, and what you believe in as a business is highly beneficial. 

Transparency is also essential when negative mentions about your brand are circulating the internet. As mentioned above, if something goes wrong, own up to it. Consumers appreciate brands that own up to their mistakes instead of covering them up. 

Open and accountable is the better policy for growing your business through online reputation management. However, transparency doesn’t mean you must spill your guts and all the information. 

Instead, be mindful and intentional about what you share with the public and your communications. It’s less about saying what’s on your mind and more about sticking to company values. 

Why Online Reputation is Vital to Help Your Business Grow

Overall, online reputation management is a broad term that encompasses many different strategies to help benefit your business by managing the public’s perception of your brand. 

We’ve worked with many brands and individuals seeking help with online reputation management. Whether you’re a small business, a service-based company or an individual seeking help with your reputation online, hiring BRANDefenders will benefit you. 

Our team of experts knows the ins and outs of online reputation management. We can help you combat negativity while insulating your brand online to paint your company in the best light while upholding your business values and vision. 

Without online reputation management, you are risking the potential of losing customers, damaging your profits, and ultimately failing as a business owner and brand. 

Let us help you be proactive, take charge of what is said about you online and, in turn, increase revenue and help your business thrive. 

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